11 Times You Need a Lawyer


With time passing by, this world continues to become a lot smaller in terms of connectivity and intercultural diversity. Gone are the days when a criminal offence or minor negligence would be overlooked. With a lot of security measures, CCTV cameras and laws on one side, one cannot escape the legal eyes. There are many times in life when we need lawyers to help us get through tough situations. A lawyer is somebody who is legally allowed to practice law and also uphold the law while taking care of the client’s rights. People get stuck in different situations in which they need a lawyer to help them get rid of the issue every now and then. In this article we will guide you through 12 situations in which you will need a lawyer:

Need a lawyer

1.     A nasty divorce

There’s nothing better than having somebody to share your life with, but it is equally fine if a relationship doesn’t work. Usually, when couples file for a mutual separation, there is no need for a divorce. However, when both the partners engage in the matters of children’s custody, inheritance, property, shares, debt, investments, and savings, there is a need for a lawyer to help them out. It is very difficult to manipulate the divorce which has been finalized, therefore it is important for the lawyer to stand upright and help clients in this regard. Sometimes things get so intense that the divorce case continues to languish in the courts of law for years without people getting justice. A good lawyer can help get through though.

2.     Law Suits

This is another cliché situation which millions of people go through in this world. If you are being sued by somebody or have to sue someone, you will need a lawyer for that. Sometimes the repercussions of getting sued are so intense; one almost loses all the finances and property which is why it becomes mandatory to hire a lawyer. If you want everything to get settled through the courts, you will need a negotiator on your side. If you are looking for a suitable lawyer as such you must google lawsuit lawyer near me to get a list of all the working professionals. Choose one who has hands-on experience of doing the job.

3.     Drug charges

This is a major criminal offence which can get you in trouble for a lot of time. People who hire personal attorneys are in a far better situation as compared to those who either have a public defender or no personal attorney at all. Keep in mind, a public defender has a lot to atone for, he/she will always recommend you to settle down or plea bargain which is not something you might be wanting to get out of the situation. Therefore it is better for you to hire a private attorney, instead of relying on the public defender.

4.     Criminal charges

With the world moving a lot faster, the crime rate continues to rise. Facing a criminal charge is very scary, and you might even have ever dreamed of it. People who get stuck in criminal charges have a lot to atone for. Apart from the hefty fine which one has to pay, serving a full-fledge sentence in jail is another reason for a severe headache. If you are unaware of your rights as a convicted person, you must contact an attorney right now. Look for the best attorney in your town. For example, if you type Santa Ana criminal attorney on Google, you will be provided a list of all the criminal attorneys of that area.

5.     Business startups

If you are starting a new business with a partner, don’t even try to navigate all the legal procedures yourself. It is very crucial to take the business partner into confidence when doing all this. You need to be lawful and protected against all sorts of pressures coming on from the commercial market. Therefore it is better to be mindful when getting into such procedures. If you can, try to find a lawyer who specializes in business law to ensure these things. Business startups are naïve to the cruel nature of the market. Beginning from the logo down to the business idea, everything can be stolen. Therefore it is better to have a legal hand.

6.     Bankruptcy

Though you will have to pay a hefty fee to the lawyer, your work will surely get done. If you go bankrupt, you will need a lawyer to help you. People who are stuck with credit card debt have to fight to get some discount with that debt. Credit card debt brings a lot of problems such as interest rate fees, monthly charges, transactional charges, delayed payment fines, etc. Therefore one needs a lawyer to get out of such situations.

7.     Wrongful termination from workplace

Though job security is not a concrete element, yet there are laws which protect the rights of people. Keep in mind there are both federal and state laws here if you don’t know. However, not every attorney is well versed in playing out these laws in the courts. So if you get hired because of a wrongful reason, you can always fight back for your job instead of calling it quits from your side too. Down forget the other side can have a very strong legal representation too. Therefore you must do your homework before walking in the courts of law.

8.     A DUI

DUI stands for driving under the influence and it has become a serious charge down the years. People who drink alcohol and start driving, often get in a lot of troubles at the end of the day. The repercussions include paying hefty fines, ending up in jail, getting sacked from the job, having restrained social ties, losing self-respect, etc. However, if you get a good lawyer in place, you can get rid of the charge very early, before the world comes to know. Especially if this if your first offence, you must consider professional help before the world gets to know about it.

9.     A car accident with injury

This is a very cliché situation which a lot of us get into every year. Car accidents are very common, and insurance companies can suffice against the loss in monetary terms. If your car gets involved in an accident because of the other person’s mistake, the insurance company of the other person will always help in the final settlement. Don’t even claim any damage unless you haven’t hired a personal attorney. You might not be aware of the legal rules and proceedings as much as the attorneys are. The first thing to do after you get involved in an accident is to talk to the police and stand peaceful instead of answering other people.

10. Wills and Trusts

The biggest issue which continues to hound many families is the division of property and assets after the senior person in the family dies. Save your family from engaging in disputers after you die. Instead of waiting for a severe illness to strike your body, contact a reputable and trusted attorney in advance to jot down your will. It might sound odd, but you need to set up your first will as soon as you have your first will and it should change subsequently down the years. Once your will is ready, and you are close to old age, there won’t be a need for the family to dispute over what is left behind.

11. Disability claim

Such institutions often deny the claims in the first instance. The main reason is such companies already know people will give up and accept the ruling. However, if you want to exclude yourself from such people, try to fight back. Get a lawyer upfront and hire him with confidence. A well-reputed veteran professional will get the fee out of the settlement, putting you at the receiving end of the benefit. Disability claims are often filed by older age people and most of which get rejected. Therefore a strong lawyer is the need of the hour.


Lastly, it is imperative for you to make sure that you are mindful when choosing a lawyer for any reason. There are many things you must keep in mind when selecting somebody who will represent you in the courts of law. The first thing is the experience which is a must-have. A person who has hands-on experience of navigating legal procedures will be able to help you in the best way possible. Secondly, he/she should have a valid practicing license by the state and viable academic degrees with majors in law. The market is flooded with a lot of people, who claim they’re top-notch lawyers in town which is not true exactly. Your lawyer should be flexible in conversation and reach. Lastly, he/she should be trustworthy. This is because when you open up about yourself in front of another person who is an outsider, that person should have the grace to keep your secrets and help you with full responsibility.

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