5 Reasons You Need On-Site Security Forces

Member of security guard team working on public event
Member of security guard team working on public event

Security forces are an essential part of progress for many businesses. From protecting the fort from criminals and vandals to being the first response to emergency situations, having an on-site security team can be the difference between getting your work done or having to deal with an outrageous situation without them.

You might be thinking a security force is over the top for your company, but that might not really be the case. If you are operating a company, construction site, or event and any of these 5 reasons apply to you, it’s time to look into a security force for your event.

1 – Property and Materials Protection

Private property is a big deal, especially when you are supposed to be providing a secure environment for those on-site. College campuses and construction sites are great examples of this.

Students on campus should be safe day and night. Even if your campus is small, having a security force on the campus will help the students feel safe. They can help with emergency situations on campus, and be a buffer if the authorities are needed. For students, a security force is way better than having to deal with the police. Students will be students.

Constructions sites are very similar, but for different reasons. Criminals target construction sites as easy ways to get free supplies. They will sneak onto unguarded sites and steal what they need as they need it, and that’s costing you money. Worse off, if they get hurt on your site, you might have to worry about legal cases. Believe it or not, there have been cases where the thief has been rewarded money by the courts, from the site when they get injured stealing. Just don’t mess with that potential and keep your site secure.

2 – Crime Prevention

Beyond the simple construction site, every building can use a security force for crime prevention. From parking lots to business parks, having a present security force is a great way to deter crime in those areas. If there is another set of eyes on the premises beyond the police, criminals are far less likely to try anything.

If the criminals are still bold enough to rob or vandalize the place, your security force will be able to be the first responders to the situation. They can alert the authorities right away, and even take action to stop the crime in process. Many security forces can handle situations before the authorities arrive, and make the cops job easier as well.

3 – Situation Control

Not all situations need to involve the cops, and the presence of the police can sometimes escalate situations beyond what they need them to be. Having a security force on stay can create that buffer with situation control. These trained professional security guards can separate people fighting, and create a safe area where you can just talk it out. If things go south, your security force will be ready to take control of the situation and contact the authorities. Like we said before, the presence of a security force in high traffic areas can reduce the risk of situations escalating.

4 – Protecting Construction Progress

Like we said before, having a construction site can make you a target for crime. Having smart security pros on-site can prevent crime from happening. Whether it’s a video or a person, coving your construction site can cover you from thieves becoming victims as we talked about before. Catching them in the act on video or in-person prevents them from blaming you from lack of signage or security on the premises.

Having a great fence and proper signage really helps your construction site stay safe, but the security force is the icing on the cake. They can take control of checking people who pass in and out of the site, and you really need that. People will try to walk onto your site to see what’s going on. Having a security guard at the front gate will stop people from just walking onto the site. They can also help people who are supposed to be there find who they are looking for or where they need to go.

Security is Everything

A security force isn’t just a security measure from the outside world, it’s an internal measure of comfort. Knowing you have extra eyes on the areas and people that need it the most can help anyone sleep better at night. The added safety of a security force will help the people around you and those involved feel better about living or working where they do. Having that extra layer of protection is just another layer of comfort for everyone involved. If you are protecting assets or people in defined areas, you should look into a security force to keep the peace.

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