EDITORIAL – The new NAFTA creates jobs and levels the playing field for workers in all three countries

NAFTA USA Canada Mexico - North American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTA USA Canada Mexico - North American Free Trade Agreement

Modernizing NAFTA was no small task. Canadians were worried about their jobs, their businesses, and how any disruption to our longstanding trade agreement with the United States and Mexico would affect their lives. We negotiated hard to secure a good deal for Canadians, and landed on an agreement that is a win-win-win for all three countries.

Last week, I met with Mexico’s Secretary of Labour and Social Welfare, Luisa Maria Alcalde to highlight the labour chapter in the new NAFTA and to announce the creation of the new Canada-Mexico Bilateral Working Group.

This new labour chapter will help level the playing field for workers across North America and will elevate labour standards and working conditions in all three countries. Improved labour standards will help workers in Canada including right here in Thunder Bay, and it will create the best possible conditions for growth and prosperity. The new Canada – Mexico Bilateral Working Group will support Mexico in their efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy to improve labour standards for their workers.

When Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford told us to back down to the United States, we stood firm and fought for a good deal for Canadians – and that is exactly what we achieved. The new NAFTA safeguards more than $2 billion a day in cross-border trade and also means tariff-free access for more than 70 per cent of Canadian exports.

We will always stand up for Canadian interests. NAFTA will protect millions of jobs and create more opportunities for Canadian businesses, keeping our economy strong.

Patty Hajdu, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North


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