Duluth Huskies Have Five Wins Pulled

Historic Northwoods All-Star game

THUNDER BAY – SPORTS – The Duluth Huskies will take to the field tonight against Thunder Bay with their playoff hopes dashed.

This is due to a roster violation.

The Duluth Huskies will have five wins removed from their second-half record, however, they will not be changed to losses. All other statistics for these games will remain intact except for the wins, losses and saves for the pitchers involved in these games. The opponents from these games will have their loses removed but they will not receive wins.

The games that will be changed are the following:

July 28 vs Waterloo

July 29 vs Waterloo

July 29 vs Waterloo

August 1 vs Eau Claire

August 2 vs Eau Claire

Due to these changes, here are the current second-half standings in the Great Plains East Division.



Eau Claire 15 11 0.577
La Crosse 15 13 0.536
Duluth 13 15 0.464
Waterloo 11 14 0.440
Thunder Bay 7 20 0.259