Be Careful Where You Charge Your Devices

Mattress fire

THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue report, “We were recently called to the scene of a fire where a mattress was destroyed due to a tablet catching fire while charging on the bed. Charging your phone or tablet on your bed or under your pillow is extremely dangerous because the heat build-up when charging cannot dissipate causing the charger to become hotter and hotter!

Luckily no one was injured but we would like to stress these safety tips when charging your phones, tablets or computers:

???? Use the right charger – should be manufacture approved.
???? Unplug once charged – reduces unnecessary heat build-up.
???? Charge in a safe place – charge on a flat surface with no flammable materials around. Never on your bed!
???? Avoid direct sunlight – the sun will heat it up so don’t leave it places like your car dashboard when charging.
???? Let your phone cool – whether you’re charging, gaming or something else; let your phone cool down if it gets hot.

Please check where you & your family charge their devices.