Winnipeg Police Seize 1.33 kilos of Methamphetamine

Winnipeg Police release crime statistics
Winnipeg Police

WINNIPEG – On July 11, 2019, Central District General Patrol and Community Support officers began an investigation into a drug trafficking operation related to a residence in an apartment located in the 400 block of Furby Street.

Two suspects were arrested coming out of the building. A search warrant was executed on July 11, 2019. As a result, 1.33 kilograms of methamphetamine was seized along with $5,700 in Canadian currency, a money counter and 20 blotters believed to contain fentanyl. The methamphetamine would have an estimated street value of $20,000, however, when separated for street sale would have an estimated value of approximately $130,000.

A male and female, both in their 40’s, were both charged with various drug and trafficking-related offences. As directed by the Criminal Code of Canada both suspects were released on a Promise to Appear.