Canadaland Podcasts “Thunder Bay” to be Developed for Television


THUNDER BAY – The podcasts by Canadaland on Thunder Bay that discussed problems in the city with hate crimes, homicide rates, and relationships with Indigenous people is going to be developed for television.

“I vow to take the same care, present the complexity, and explore the nuance of the Indigenous experience in Canada, as I did with the podcast series. Like the podcast, this isn’t a hit job on a single city,” says Ryan McMahon. “This will NOT be a TV show that drags Thunder Bay – I promise you. I asked for trust in making the podcast series – I’ll rely on that same trust you all gave and I’ll give you the same effort I did with the podcast.”

In an announcement Thursday the producers state the show will expose a darker side to Canada that hasn’t been witnessed by the rest of the world.

The project will be co-produced by Miranda de Pencier’s Northwood Entertainment, known for “Anne With an E,” alongside Anishinaabe comedian/writer/podcaster Ryan McMahon, and journalist and Canadaland founder/publisher, Jesse Brown.

The podcast series which received critical acclaim along with complaints from some local political leaders examined not just the killings of nine Indigenous high school students, but also some of the factors led to their murders.