Amber Alert – Wake Me Up Everytime!

Amber Alert Ended

THUNDER BAY – OPINION – Were you woke up last night by the Amber Alert? Once again last night my iPhone served as a very early morning wake up call as an Amber Alert was shared across Ontario.

The alert was issued over a grandfather with his two grandsons who were missing. There were concerns the grandfather could have got confused and got lost.

Fortunately, the Amber Alert worked. The York Police Service had issued the alert at about 3:00 am. By 4:30 am Toronto Police had located the two missing boys.

York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden told reporters that the situation came to a positive resolution as a direct result of the Amber Alert.

“We had a missing vulnerable person with two very young kids, who were missing for a long time and we were concerned very much for all of their safety so the system works and it worked again today,” said Constable Pattenden.

Already there have been some very predictable complaining on social media from a few people over being woke up by the Amber Alert.

Lets put a little reality check in place here. These Amber Alerts save lives. They work.

If that means losing a little sleep, so be it.

James Murray