Patty Hajdu MP – A Stronger Middle Class in Thunder Bay-Superior North

Patty Hajdu MP Thunder Bay Superior North

THUNDER BAY – LEADERS LEDGER – After a decade of slow economic growth and stagnant wages under the Harper Conservatives, our government was elected with a plan to strengthen and grow the middle class and those working hard to join it.

Four years later we know our plan is working. Our economy is stronger, one million new jobs have been created, and we have the lowest unemployment rate in over 40 years.

Part of our plan was to ask the wealthiest one per cent of Canadians to pay a little more, so we could cut taxes for middle-class families that need it most. This has left over nine million Canadians better off – with an average tax savings of nearly $1000 in 2016. In fact, right here in Thunder Bay-Superior North, 22,830 people have had their taxes lowered thanks to the middle-class tax cut, putting more money in their pockets and supporting the local economy here in the region.

On top of the middle-class tax cut, we also created better benefits to support those struggling with the rising costs of living – such as parents, seniors, young people and workers.
For example, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) has helped nine out of ten Canadian families with their household expenses. A typical family of four is now $2,000 better off each year than before 2015 thanks to the CCB and middle-class tax cut. That means more money for things like groceries, summer camps, sports and education.

Patty Hajdu - Thunder Bay Superior North MP
Patty Hajdu – Thunder Bay Superior North MP

I know there is still more work to do. While the Conservative Party continues to prioritize austerity, cuts and perks for their wealthy friends, we will continue to invest in people, communities and our future. When everyone has a fair chance at success, all of us benefit.

Patty Hajdu MP

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