The time is ripe to make a career change

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A mid-career change into a completely different industry is becoming increasingly common worldwide. It is said that the average Millennial will have several different careers in their lifetime. While it may be typical, that does not make it any less daunting. How do you adequately prepare for a new and entirely different career, and how do you convince your prospective boss that you actually have the skills to do the job?

Here are four ways to facilitate your career change:

  1. Focus on self-development

Almost every job requires specific personal and interpersonal skills, and each of these are easily transferable. These skills include creative thinking, flexibility, and the ability to work in a team according to Skills Portal. So-called ‘soft skills’ like conflict resolution and empathy are in increasingly high demand. Find opportunities to develop and practice these skills so that any employer can see what you have to offer clearly. You may wish to develop these skills at your current job, as part of a sports team or through reading relevant literature. List these skills on your resume and be prepared to offer concrete examples in an interview.

  1. Acquire the necessary skills

A dramatic career change may require some additional learning. Fortunately, that has become easier with access to online and distance education. No longer do you need to move across the country to study for a new career. Research an accredited and reliable institution that can add value to your existing credentials. You may also like to talk to people in the field you desire to move into as they will have insight on what qualifications and institutions are best.

  1. Write the resume your new employer is looking for

A new career will require a new perspective. Begin by rewriting your resume entirely. Consider all the experience you may have to offer in this new role. Research the company you are applying to well and seek to show the points of similarity between you and their company culture. A carefully crafted covering letter will also help to address any gaps in your experience. My Perfect CV recommends only including experience relevant to the job you are applying to. What’s more, this is also an excellent service to assist you in writing an impressive resume.

  1. Find the parallels

Before writing your resume or going to an interview, spend some time finding similarities between your current job and the one you want. Many skills and experiences are transferable or will actually set you apart in the job market. A teacher copes well with stress; an events coordinator has an extensive network, and an economist understands market trends– all of these skills could assist in a job in the advertising industry, for instance. Rather than dwelling on the differences, creatively consider ways in which your employment history has equipped you for your future in this new career.

Employers are often looking for people who will offer a new approach. With the right strategy, you may well find your way to a brand new career.

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