The Best Advice on Buying a 3D Printer on a Budget

3D printer
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3D printers have been rare in the recent past as they are a new innovation. Most people around the world are yet to come across one of these amazing devices. You must be asking yourself how much is a 3D printer? Well, the answer to that is a couple of a hundred dollars or just under $1000. Recently, there has been increased competition among 3D printers’ manufacturers significantly bring the cost of these devices down, but maintaining their quality. There are now a variety of models available from different manufacturers. If you are looking to get a quality 3D printer on a budget, here is what you should be looking for.

Consider the Model

The model of the printer you want to buy determines its price. High-end models usually cost a lot more than ordinary printers. As mentioned earlier, there a lot of different models. You need to know what you want to print with your device before settling on a specific model. If you just need to print out simple items, then you can do with a simple FDM 3D printer model that ranges from about $200 to $6000.

Check Different Sites

Shopping these days has been made easier by online stores. You do not have to physically visit different shops checking out for stores with offers and favorable prices. You can do this at the comfort of your couch at home or in the office. All you need is a device that can access the internet and an internet connection. Go through various sites that sell products online comparing prices and features. You can create a table where you list features and their corresponding prices and then select one that you think gives the best value for your money.

Check for Special Offers and Discounts

Different online stores will be giving offers and discounts once in a while. When you have finally decided to buy one of these machines, take your time to go through various sites to see which are offering discounts. You can try out the online auction sites as they usually have very nice offers. This being a new product, there are bound to be several stores that will be selling this machine at reduced prices or giving insane discounts. If you are on a budget, you may want to go through the various vendors before making a purchase. You might end up getting a very good machine for just a few dollars.

Bypass Retailers

Another great way of getting a 3D printer on a budget is bypassing retailers. If you can manage to get to the manufacturers rather than buying through a third-party retailer, then you are likely to buy your printer at a much-reduced price. The challenge arises in that you have to purchase several machines to get the wholesale price. You can try and rally a few individuals that you can find online, then buy these machines as one package, but have shipped to different locations. It is not the easiest of strategies, but you can give a try.


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