EDITORIAL: One million reasons why our plan is working

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Minister Patty Hajdu sporting her Montreal Canadians Jersey speaks at the ground breaking ceremony
Minister Patty Hajdu sporting her Montreal Canadians Jersey speaks at the ground breaking ceremony

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Our government was elected on a platform to grow our economy and our middle class. There are now more than one million reasons to show that plan is working.

That’s how many jobs Canadians have created since 2015, as businesses and communities build on our government’s investments in communities and people. This past April showed the highest growth on record.  Of those one million jobs, 486,500 are right here in Ontario. And despite the deceptive messages from Conservatives, more than 380,000 of those Ontario jobs are full time.

These new jobs are in science and technology, areas we have supported, including the largest scientific research funding in Canadian history last year (some of which is happening here at Lakehead University). These are jobs in wholesale and retail trade, where we’ve set up businesses across the country to thrive through new trade opportunities and lowering small business taxes to 9%. They are new jobs in health care and community programs where we’ve made historic investments to make sure everyone has a fair chance at success. They are jobs in the trades stemming from investments in infrastructure like the bridges, roads and buildings we need, including new housing arising from the national housing strategy.

All of these new jobs have given us the lowest unemployment rates for adults and youth in more than 40 years.

Last month that rate was 1.4 percentage points lower than in 2015 while workforce participation was up 0.2 percentage points. That means more people are joining our workforce than ever before. And the average hourly wage has risen by 2.5 per cent.

Now, as Minister of Employment, the most common concern I hear from employers is the need for more people and more skills.

We know there’s more work to do to ensure everyone and every business can reach their full potential, but one million jobs is a great start. As Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North, I remain focused on making sure our region has the supports it needs to thrive.

Patty Hajdu,

Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North

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