Leader’s Ledger – Patty Hajdu on Youth Skills

Leader's Ledger

Patty Hajdu MP Thunder Bay Superior North

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Since 2015, our government has worked hard to grow our economy and our middle class. Our plan is working. Since we formed government, Canadians have created over 1 million jobs and brought our unemployment rate to 40-year lows. We need a skilled and competitive workforce to keep that momentum going. That’s why we are investing in Canadian workers so they are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Our continued prosperity depends on young Canadians getting the education and experience they need to fill those jobs. Last month alone, 47,000 new jobs were created for young Canadians and the youth unemployment rate was at its lowest in over 40 years. Through investments in the Youth Employment Strategy, our government has helped 220,000 young Canadians get the work experience or training they need to launch successful careers. Supporting youth as they transition into the workforce and giving them the tools they need to succeed is how we will grow our economy and strengthen the middle class.

We understand the value of investing in young Canadians, but Conservative governments have shown repeatedly that they will make it harder for young people to get ahead. Here in Ontario Doug Ford’s Conservatives have shown their true colours. Whether it is through unfair changes to OSAP, cuts in funding to post-secondary education, or reducing support for low-income students who need it most, these cruel and short-sighted decisions continue the trend of Harper and set the tone of an Andrew Scheer potential government – cuts that hurt young Canadians.

From getting their first job to retraining for a second career, we are committed to supporting Canadians at all stages of their careers. Our plan ensures that no one is left behind. When everyone has a fair chance at success, we all benefit.

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