EDITORIAL – Canada Child Benefit keeps pace with the cost of living

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Minister Hajdu spoke on Budget 2019 with Thunder Bay Media

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – When our government introduced the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), we ended the Conservative practice of sending cheques to millionaires and used those savings to help the middle class and those who need it the most. Since then, more than 300,000 children have been lifted out of poverty across the country.

The CCB provides more money to nine out of ten families than under the previous Conservative plan. Their program sent thousands of dollars to households of millionaires, which meant that there was less to distribute to middle class and struggling families. Their plan was expensive and unfair so we changed it. In my riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North, more than 6,700 children and their families are receiving more than $4.2 million combined every month and low-income families are getting the most help, seeing nearly $3,000 more every year.

And of course this is not only good for families but it helps our local economy as families are better able to get what they need to raise their kids. Parents know best how to invest in their children’s future. Because of the CCB, parents can take their kids camping, pay for family trips, and buy new school clothes or food or musical instruments. A family here in Thunder Bay saved enough money through the CCB to put a down payment on their first home! We know that when we support families, we are ensuring everyone has a fair chance at success.

Last year we announced that the CCB would be indexed to keep up with the cost of living, two full years ahead of schedule. And this year, on July 20th, the CCB will increase again.

The increase means a maximum benefit of $6,639 for each child under the age of six and $5,602 for children six to seventeen. Ensuring that families have what they need to make ends meet is good for kids and it’s good for the economy of our region.

If you need help accessing CCB, contact my office anytime.

Patty Hajdu
Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North

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