How to Find Out If Your Phone Is Being Tracked

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NEW YORK – TECH – With the booming technological developments in cell phones production, many manufacturers have benefited by this. Apps and software have increased significantly. Phones have become the new store and safe for personal and business information. This development has also led to the growth of apps and technology that allows people to spy and even steal the information contained in your phone. Despite having a strong password, this does not hinder them from accessing your content. They use spy software developed to encrypt passwords and encroach your phone in undetectable malware disguised apps. Since they transform them as soon as those being spied on get wind of it, it might be hard to keep up with them. Your phone is however smart enough to react to their presence. Below are indications and signs that can help you detect if your phone is being spied on:

1)    Increased Data Usage

On occasions where your activities that require data are the same but your data usage has increased, you should check if your phone is being spied on. Most spyware tools require data to transmit information. You can start by ruling out the increased data usage by disabling background data or enabling data management. You can do this by using the phone’s provided data management system or by downloading a data management app. The app lists the rate of data consumption by other apps and those with extremely high and unlikely high might be the root cause. Additionally, you can install a spy detector application that can help you find spy software on a phone. However, some have been developed to utilize as little data as possible making them less detectable.

2)    Abnormal Activities on Standby Mode

When your phone is not in use, you expect it to have minimal or zero activities, but this might not be the case on a tracked phone. Tracked phones show inconsistent activities when on standby mode. The activities can trigger the phone to ring, change several settings or cause the screen to light up. Additionally, they might keep your phone active and screen on for longer than expected. You can check the active apps and uninstall or update them. These activities can also be detected by the excess power consumption when on standby mode. You can check the apps utilizing the most power. With this, you can zero in on those that have a significant percentage despite you not having used them. The phone might also heat up when on standby mode and this might be a sign of ongoing phone activities.

3)    Slowed Phone Activities

Your phone might start lagging while performing basic activities. This can be due to lack of space or due to spyware. In cases where space has not been affected or utilized, the next reason would be a spy tool, which might be slowing it down to collect as much information as it can. Some slow down the shutting down process to ensure they relay every information before going dark. You can install apps to boost your phone’s security by forcefully shutting down the slow apps or disable detected spy tools.


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