Hammarskjold High School on Hold and Secure

Image: depositphotos.com

Update – Hammarskjold Closed

THUNDER BAY – Hammarskjold High School is in Hold and Secure following a threat received by Thunder Bay Police.

Update: 12:15 pm EDT

Hammarskjold High School is closed due to the recent threat. Students who walk to school and those who drive or have a ride are being dismissed.

Buses are arriving at the school to return students home as per the afternoon run.

Arrangements are currently being made for transportation home for the students.

The Catholic School Board states, “As a precaution from a threat at neighbouring school, the following school is placed in Hold and Secure: St. Pius X Elementary School.

“The threat is currently being investigated by Thunder Bay Police Services, and the regular dismissal is anticipated with the Hold and Secure precaution to be lifted by the end of the school day”.


More Facts will be added as they come in.