Dryden – Police Report Resident Victim of $3000 Fraud

Regional News from Dryden

Stop Phone Fraud Just Hang Up!
Stop Phone Fraud Just Hang Up! image: depositphotos.com

DRYDEN – NEWS – The Dryden Police Service received a complaint from a local resident advising they were scammed out of approximately $3000.00.

The victim reported to police that they received a phone call from the “Visa Fraud Bureau” demanding money or risk being incarcerated.

The fraudster then convinced the victim to turn over the payment in the form of Google Play Cards.

There are no suspects at this time.

Dryden Police would like to provide the public with these tips should if you receive a phone call asking for money:

  1. If you are not expecting a call regarding your finances, hang up and call your local bank, Canada Revenue Agency or credit card company directly. DO NOT use the call back number from a potential fraudster.
  2. NEVER give your personal information like bank account information, credit card account number, Social Insurance Number or any other identification to someone over the phone.
  3. If some is asking you to wire money through Western Union or pay in an alternate form such as Gift Cards or Google Play Cards, IT IS A FRAUD.