Red Lake Airport Upgrades will See Runway Closures

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Red Lake Airport
Red Lake Airport

RED LAKE – BUSINESS – The Red Lake Airport will see upgrades and improvements to the runways this summer. This will entail times when the airport will not be open for flights.

The first closure dates are firm:

1st closure – June 19th 8 am CDT. Full depth pulverization and remedial work. Open again on Monday, June 24th at6 pm (or as early as work is completed)

2nd closure – June 26th 8 am. First course asphalt. Open again on Monday the July 1st 6 pm (or as early as work is completed)

3rd closure – July 3rd 8am. Top coat asphalt. Open again on Monday, July 8th 6pm (or as early as work is completed)

All parties feel that this will be enough time to complete the runway portion of the project.

Please keep in mind that there may be a requirement for a 4th closure to account for any construction delays and the extra time required to put the airport back into an operational state between closures.

We will continue to keep you posted.