Users Are Suing Vape Companies over Nicotine Addiction

Vaping has become very popular
Vaping has become very popular Image:

MIAMI – In the past year, a vaping company was sued over nicotine addiction. The lawsuit, in which one of the plaintiffs was a teenager, argued that the vaping company misled them through marketing. The company in question sold e-cigarettes that contain high levels of nicotine salts, which led to addiction. The lawsuits are backed by research which shows that nicotine salts in e-cigarettes contain more nicotine than an ordinary cigarette. This explains why those suing got addicted. The plaintiffs included a 15-year old, who started using e-cigs as a fun activity only to end up a nicotine addict. So does this mean that vaping is more dangerous than smoking and predisposes one to nicotine addiction? Absolutely not!

While the abuse of vaping can lead to addiction, pretty much like all other drugs, the method one uses to vape matters a lot. Low-cost vapes have no limit on the amount of nicotine that one is pumping into their bloodstream. You have no control over how much nicotine you are taking into your body, and this can easily lead to addiction.

However, the scenario is quite different if you use vaping mods. Top quality vaping mods, such as those sold by VaporFi allow the user to control how much nicotine they are putting in their bodies. This means that, if you are a non-smoker just looking to have fun with friends over the weekend, you can regulate the mod to give out as little nicotine as possible. With such control, addiction is highly unlikely, unless you are truly irresponsible. Sounds interesting, right?

So why isn’t everyone shifting to vaping mods? Well, it all boils down to costs. A good quality vaping mod doesn’t come cheap and some people don’t want to incur that extra cost. This is quite unfortunate considering that the cost of a mod is much lower than handling the effects of nicotine addiction. For instance, the cost of a good quality vaping mod starts at around $25. That’s way cheaper than the cost of treating nicotine addiction, where you may end up spending thousands of dollars.

The effects of addiction are even more adverse in teenagers. For instance, the teenager that got addicted to vaping was being punished at school for it, yet it wasn’t something that he could control. There are many other teens suffering the same, and it can hurt their self-esteem and their ability to learn. Besides, nicotine addiction can lead to other health conditions later in life, including an elevated risk of cancer. These issues are much more dangerous and costly than the $25 or even $60 that one would spend on a good-quality vaping mod.

It’s all about prioritizing one’s health.  The best part is that a good quality vaping mod can serve you for some time. This means that they are good value for money, even at their higher prices. There is absolutely no reason to take risks and end up addicted.  Besides, apart from the addiction, you have no guarantees of winning a lawsuit if you get addicted.

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