5 States That May Require Paid Family Leave Soon

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Since most states do not offer paid family leave, families all over the United States suffer financially under many circumstances. As an HR professional, you need to know the difficulties employees are facing due to this lack of paid family leave. There are some changes to employment insurance benefits to support employees. Still, some employees cannot afford to take time off of work to bond with their newborns. Others take the time off but fall behind on their bills. Although the U.S. has failed to make paid family leave a reality for all families, some states are taking it upon themselves to provide it. Continue reading to discover the states that may require paid family leave soon.


One of these states that may require paid family leave soon is Montana. An organization entitled “Time For Montana” has taken action for employees within the state. Their goal is to provide financial payments for employees who have to take off of work for various, relevant reasons. Such reasons include maternity leave and family illness. The organization urges state residents to get involved. Businesses can add their names to a list of companies that support family leave under Montana pay regulations. Employees and employers alike can volunteer and share their personal stories relating to the lack of paid leave. HR professionals in Montana should be aware of the possibilities of change in the near future.


Similarly, HR professionals in Connecticut should also keep themselves up-to-date on paid family leave campaigns. Connecticut employees and employers are also campaigning for a change to be made in their state. They are fighting for a program that guarantees 100% wage replacement for employees who take off for medical and family reasons. Additionally, the state residents desire job protection for each and every employee. With workers volunteering and speaking out about their aspirations, Connecticut may require family leave soon.


Additionally, Vermont’s governor is taking action toward requiring family leave soon in the state. By partnering with New Hampshire’s governor, Vermont’s governor has proposed a two-state voluntary paid family leave program. The new law would cover all employees working under small businesses and large corporations. It will also cover public workers. All employees would have to be full-time employees with proper employee time tracking documentation. The states’ goal is to work together to implement an insurance plan that manages risks and claims made under the plan. If the states are able to get the proposal passed, Vermont may require paid family leave soon.


Nebraska is another state that may require paid family leave soon. HR professionals working in Nebraska should be aware of the new bill that could be passed. If the bill is passed, employees will have the opportunity to receive a maximum of 12 weeks of paid family leave. The bill would require employers to allow workers 6 weeks of paid time off for medical reasons. Furthermore, they can be granted 12 weeks off to bond with newborns. While Reed Group leave management solutions can automate the process, the increase in costs will have significant impacts on businesses. This new bill would change the workplace for employees, employers, and HR professionals like yourself.


Colorado might have the possibility of requiring paid family leave. Currently, Colorado employers are required to hold employees’ job positions while they take time off. However, they are not required to pay them during their leaves of absence. Due to employee dissatisfaction, the state is attempting to add to these requirements. The bill that was proposed in 2018 stated that they are requesting a family leave insurance program to be implemented. The program would allow employees to inquire about benefits from the state during family leave. Thus, Colorado could be one of the next states up to require paid family leave.

While your HR team would have to alter your procedures, paid family leave would improve the employee satisfactory rates of many businesses. For this reason, numerous states are taking it into their own hands to alter paid family leave requirements. Montana is taking strides through campaigns to require paid family leave. Similarly, Connecticut residents are speaking up about their desire for a program to be implemented. Vermont’s governor is working with New Hampshire’s governor to create a paid leave plan for the two states combined. Nebraska’s residents have also taken a stand and are trying to pass a bill. Finally, Colorado is working to initiate an insurance plan for workers’ benefits. Now, you know the states that may require paid family leave soon.

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