Vape Juice Ingredients You Should Definitely Avoid

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Vaping has become very popular
Vaping has become very popular Image:

MIAMI – LIVING – The debate on whether vaping is healthier than smoking is still on. But there is no doubt that depending on the e-juice found in pre-filled vape cartridges, vaping still remains the better option. But you should take precaution on the ingredients used to make e-juice. Basic ingredients for e-juice include propylene glycol and vegetable glycol. These ingredients are safe but additional ingredients usually added for flavor may be harmful to your health. We are going to discuss some of the ingredients that you should avoid to ensure that you are using safe e-juice that will not affect your health.

Here are vape juice ingredients you should definitely avoid:

  1.   Diketones

This ingredient is used in food products to give a creamy and buttery flavor. The laws prohibit the use of the ingredient in food products, and foods are usually tested to ascertain that it is not an ingredient. But for e-juice and other inhaling products, it is not compulsory. Most of the manufacturers may also not disclose information about using diketones in their products. That is why you should be extremely careful when choosing your e-liquid products.

  1.   Fragrance Oils

Inhaling fragrance oils may affect your respiratory system. You should avoid products that contain a large percentage of oils. In fact, you should avoid all oil-based e-liquids. This is especially so for people who are addicted to vaping. Research shows that such fragrance oils are harmful to your lungs and may cause chronic lung illnesses.

  1.   Cinnamon

Cinnamon is cytotoxic. It contains chemicals that interfere with human health. This can affect e-juice users since the concentration of such harmful chemicals is very high. The presence of vanillin, Dipropylene glycol and Cinnamaldehyde makes it unsafe for people who regularly use e-liquids. Since e-juice made with cinnamon is volatile it impairs human cells. This results in health complications. As much as possible, you should avoid such e-liquids.

  1.   Titanium dioxide

The nanoparticles found in titanium dioxide can lead to oxidative stress. This is the leading cause of mutations, inflammations, and cell damage. These affect your immune system and cause health complications. This is especially so when inhaled in large quantities. You should avoid inhaling e-juice made with titanium oxide as the particles go directly to the brain and lungs causing neurological damage. They are also carcinogenic and exposes your body to cancer and other health complications.

  1.   Caffeine

Inhaling caffeine is not good for your health. Caffeine does not pass through the digestive system but goes to the bloodstream directly. You cannot control how much caffeine you are ingesting when using e-juice. Too much caffeine in your system may lead to seizures, fast heartbeat and loss of consciousness. This is because caffeine affects your nervous system. Though caffeine remains one of the most popular ingredients in making e-juice, you should avoid it.

You should choose e-liquids that do not contain harmful ingredients. Through reviews online, you can identify some of the professional manufacturers that make e-juice with safe ingredients. Some people also prefer to make their own e-juice just to be sure that they are not inhaling toxic e-juice.


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