Cannabis Retail Storefront Expression of Interest Lottery Selection Results

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THUNDER BAY – There are two companies which have made it to the next step in opening a retail storefront cannabis store in a Northern Ontario community. There are also twenty other potential operators on the current Northern Ontario waiting list.

Under the legislation a storefront location can only be opened in a community with a population of more than 50,000 people. That means for Northwestern Ontario only Thunder Bay will be potentially open for a store.

The City of Thunder Bay city council is expected to approve the opening of such a store.

The legislation in Ontario regarding Cannabis Sales on First Nations is still up in the air – on Fort William First Nation there is a Band Council Resolution preventing the opening of a cannabis retailer for six months.

As set out in Ontario Regulation 468/18, the Government of Ontario gave the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) the mandate to hold a lottery to determine who may apply for Retail Operator Licences. The lottery selection was completed on January 11, 2019 at 3:16 pm EST.

Eligible Expression of Interest Application entries were placed in a common pool and randomly selected using a third-party-certified AGCO lottery software program. KPMG, in its role as fairness monitor, was present to monitor the lottery to assess whether it was conducted fairly and according to the Expression of Interest Lottery Rules.

Expression of Interest Applicants will should have their AGCO file number that was provided in their Application Confirmation email available when checking the lottery results.  If you have a question about the lottery results please submit your inquiry via the iAGCO inquiries portal.

The tables below show:

  1. The Expressions of Interest (EOI) Applicants for each Region that were selected in the lottery. Those on the Selected List for each Region will receive a Notification Letter from the Registrar that will confirm their selection and outline the next steps including how to make a Retail Operator Licence application to the AGCO.
  2. The first 20 EOI Applicants drawn on the Wait List for each Region. As set out in Lottery Rule 17, an EOI Applicant that is first on a Wait List for a Region will be moved to the Selected List for that Region if a selected EOI Applicant for that Region is disqualified from the Lottery Process by the Registrar, declines the opportunity to make a licence application, withdraws their EOI Application, withdraws an application for a Retail Operator License, or has their Retail Operator License refused or revoked by the Registrar.

Results by Region

 *The 6 digit number below is the applicant’s iAGCO file number

Selected: East Region

Daniel Telio 428720
Brandon long 427764
Patterson and Lavoie 413159
Karan Someshwar 419068

Wait List: East Region

Rebecca Donna Gunn 405829
kytsenko holdings ltd 410686
Mohawk-Cana 400408
Dalbeer Brar 413524
Jordan Druxerman 415815
Richard Carter 430609
David Gerry Cynamon 403628
Ikeji Chinyere Julieth 414435
2489820 Ontario Inc 425950
Rachel Martinez 403845
Andrew Rodricks 427934
Lisa James 420330
1906737 ontario limited 419882
Claude Phillip LaFleche 397696
Tiffany Doris MacKay Chen 425238
Constantine Nicitopoulos 413582
Dana Gold 417446
Antoinette Davies 421622

Selected: GTA Region

Guruveer Singh Sangha 421776
David Nguyen 423565
Tripsetter Inc. 427833
Alexander Altman 414725
Gary Hatt 416473

Wait List: GTA Region

Kyle Hildebrand 423894
Jean-Sebastien Leroux 428412
Milka Subotic 423491
Bradley Luke Ufkes 412952
Shelly Ordon 420632
Daniel Victor Jolic 422530
Elsa Li 422588
barbara dahan 406296
2645049 Ontario Ltd 415764
Melanie Lynn Macnab 398285
shahram kouhbad 405050
delroy lindsay 419894
Jerry Cappiello 400993
High Miles Incorporated 421711
Jonathan Andrew Teixeira 422256
Taheer Datoo 401614
Sean post 399457
CannDelta Inc 414613
Chris Gray 421949

Selected: North Region

Anton Lucic 428024
Saturninus Partners 423124

Wait List: North Region

Arielle Grinberg 397964
Christopher Douglas Emmons 421016
Blanchart Arunasalam 416172
RuzHal Canna Corp. 415415
Christina Kelly 418879
Eden Ifergan 427410
2600207 Ontario Inc. 420297
Jayde McElroy 424348
Justin Femia 412039
Com3xprt Inc 420369
Makwa Resourcing Inc. 421295
Lena Triebe 408949
11183362 CANADA INC 412344
Kuljeet Kaur Kang 429133
Scott Sheehey 409050
Manan Shah 408473
Alexander Shorser 430101
Sabrina Brown 426854
Ishrat Muhammad 405423

Selected: Toronto Region

Heather Conlon 398788
Colin Campbell 399836
Dana Michele Kendal 408389
Hunny Gawri 423754

Wait List: Toronto Region

THCBD Group 406153
Filmon Gebremeskel 422797
Shane McCaffrey 412082
Timothy Richardson 401875
Steven Bromstein 421328
Sanjjeyan Jegathesan 412882
Caryn Humphreys 412770
Vac-Pod Inc. 409277
Three Thirty 426850
Shayan Sharafi 424479
Amandip Singh Chatha 399324
EJR INC. 416312
RedEye Dispensary 408478
Henry Noel Cavan 399418
Tam Khuong 405666
Best Insulation GTA inc. 422533
KS Capital Inc. 399856
Maria Isabel Guzman 424389
Brendan Sullivan 402643
TBD 416308

Selected: West Region

Steven Fry 408185
Lisa A Bigioni 412975
Ranjit basra 428461
2674253 Ontario Inc. 405886
Santino J Coppolino 411369
Christopher Comrie 425836
The Niagara Herbalist 399235

Wait List: West Region

836171553RT0001 405757
Mike Duellick 408990
2665475 ONTARIO CORP. 414619
Paul A. Beneteau 428143
Ashley Usher 415319
Jonathon Graham 398481
Crystal and Nathan Wymenga 394897
Jonathan Buma 397769
James Clifford Willougbhy 422939
David MacAleese 415305
Brandon Poole 431034
Antonios Theodosiou 406338
2673839 ONTARIO LTD. 420918
Dev Pahwa 410623
Tara Brox 420482
Yahya Heydari 423211
Builders Buying Group Canada Inc. 404766
Salim Pradhan 428958
Trudy Westhaver 397307

As set out in the Lottery Rule 16, the 25 selected EOI Applicants will be required to submit a $50,000 Standby Letter of Credit, submit a Retail Operator Licence Application and make a non-refundable $6,000 fee payment by 5:00 PM EST Friday, January 18, 2019.

During the Lottery Process if an Expression of Interest Applicant on a Wait List for a Region is moved to the Selected List for that Region, as set out in Lottery Rule 17, the table below will be updated.

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