Things To Know About Dating In The Digital Age

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Technology continues having a massive impact on the way we live, and this is no exception when it comes to dating. Not that long ago anyone seeking a partner relied on social situations. Singles bars. Nightclubs. They might be introduced by mutual friends.

But the digital age has revolutionized dating. Now you could access any number of fantastic matching opportunities simply by leaving this page and typing “online dating” into your search engine. If you intend embarking on this course of action, here are some things you need to know.

People present misleading images

The digital age has introduced a sense of distortion. When it comes to sites like Instagramor Facebook, we tend to edit ourselves for the outside world. Whether this is simply a case of choosing your best image, or digitally altering what the wider public is getting to see by using Photoshop, there is definitely a lot of self-censorship going on. In the real world, we can’t hide behind digital manipulation. This is why people who flirt online and finally meet up in the real world are often in for a big disappointment.

There can be too much choice

There is a huge number of websites catering for all sorts of dating preferences. This has been excellent in terms of the choices on offer, with people able to seek partners according to a diverse range of criteria; everything from same-sex relationships to biker dating is available via your search engine. But this also has a detrimental effect. With so many potential partners to choose from, site users can be incredibly picky when it comes to selecting whom to make contact with. Some people spend all their time endlessly swiping left, as individuals do not live up to their standards.

Males and females date differently

One aspect of human nature which has not really been affected by the digital age is the way different genders approach online dating. Males are still liable to be fairly superficial as they browse through profiles, homing in on young and curvaceous females before even reading their descriptions. This is because they are still fixated on fertility as a primary driver. For women, it is much more a case of finding someone whose character will be reliable. The aspects of a male’s personal description that will attract them will be athleticism and ability to generate wealth. Consciously or subconsciously, they will be searching for someone who will be able to provide a comfortable environment when it comes to rearing a child.

A casual approach to relationships 

With the explosion in dating sites in recent years, there has also been an increase in apps. The way we approach dating has now changed in so many different ways, with matchmaking becoming quite a casual affair. Where going out to meet prospective partners was once more of a commitment, nowadays people can access their dating accounts 24/7, dipping in and out of their messages in-between playing games as they commute to work on the train.

Anonymity breeds mischief

The anonymity of dating sites can also create an arena where people lose their inhibitions completely. For the most part, this is conducive to forthright communication. But some unscrupulous individuals take the opportunity to present an unnatural picture of themselves. This can go far beyond merely exaggerating aspects of their profile. They might start using provocative language, or ask their subjects to forward suggestive pictures. Again, the choice is in your hands. If you do start feeling uncomfortable with anyone’s approach, block them and move on.

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