Plagiarism in Academic Writing


LONDON – Plagiarism is one of the ways of violation of academic norms and is defined as the use in the writing of another person’s text or another copyright object. It also should be published in written or electronic form without full reference. In other words, the paper is without indication of the author’s name and source of borrowing. It is evident that plagiarism is prohibited and cannot be used in academic writing.


At the same time, many students face various troubles while writing their papers because they are afraid of the fact that the professor may find plagiarism in the written work. In that way, they are looking for the resources with a custom essay writing in order to avoid possible difficulties. However, it is extremely simple to create a paper without plagiarism by following several rules.

Types of Plagiarism

There are various different types of plagiarism that may be used in an academic paper. Some of them are more popular than the others and some could be even used unintentionally. Among the most popular types are the following:

  • clone
  • ctrl+c
  • find-replace
  • remix
  • recycle, and so on.

It is extremely important to avoid any type of plagiarism because it may result in zero grade.

The types of plagiarism differ in the fact of the borrowing of information. For example, the clone one is just submitting of another person’s paper word-for-word without changing anything. The ctrl+c method presupposes the use of bigger pieces of text from a certain source without indicating an author of the primary source. It is also a way of plagiarising when the author of an essay changes the keywords or phrases but leaves the general content the same.

It is also known that sometimes the students use both plagiarised and cited material in their papers. In such a way, it may seem that the essay follows all the necessary rules with the indicated authors but at the same time, it may contain plagiarised information in it. Another usual type of plagiarism is a mashup when the writer takes the portions of information from various sources without citing them.

Finally, it is also possible that the author of the paper creates a citation to a non-existent source. In spite of the fact that there is a citation, the material that belongs to it is still plagiarised as it is not clear whom it belongs. Moreover, it is also possible that the paper may include the correct citation but the material taken from this source is almost not paraphrased. In such a way, it may also be perceived as plagiarism.


 How to Avoid Plagiarism

There are several tips that will help you avoid plagiarism while writing your paper. One of the most simple ways to identify it is the use of the anti-plagiarism software, which is available through the Internet or provided by the college or university. The report will show you the percentage of the original text and the possible sources of the plagiarised one.

The next advice is paraphrasing, which is an essential strategy while writing an essay. If you found the source that is perfect for your paper, you should read it and include the necessary information with the use of your own words. In other words, you need to understand the ideas of the text and be able to use them for your written work.

In case if you have no possibility to paraphrase or you feel that the author choose the only possible words to express the idea, you may quote. However, quotation means that you take a short piece of text, which is usually not longer than 50 words, and include it in your paper. Moreover, you need to obligatory cite the source and use the quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the sentence.

Finally, it is essential to cite any ideas, thoughts, and data that you used in your paper and that is not of common sense. It means that if one needs to check any information with a help of any source, it should be cited in the paper. By following these simple rules, you will never face the situation when your paper will have any plagiarised material.

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