Christopher Halajian Reveals Polling Stations in Southold

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SOUTHHOLD – TECH – Every Monday before Tuesday elections, people in every estate, district, and along every route start to wonder where they are supposed to vote, not knowing where their nearest polling stations are. Christopher Halajian is from Mattiuck himself and he has noticed that people in Southold, in particular, are often confused about where to go during town elections. They know their candidates, but they don’t know where their polling stations are, in other words. Hence, Halajian felt it was necessary to explain to people where to vote so that everyone can have an honest drink to the victory of whoever ends up winning the election, knowing that they have played their part.

Southold Polling Locations According to Christopher Halajian

There are numerous polling stations in Southold Town,  making it easy for anyone who is allowed to vote to do so. All stations are open between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Exactly where the election district someone comes under will also determine which polling station they should go to. As such:

  • Those in Districts 17 and 18 can go to the Cutchogue East elementary school on the main road.
  • Those in District 11 can go to the Cutchogue Firehouse on New Suffolk Road.
  • Those in District 3 can go to the East Marion Fireman’s Hall on the main road.
  • Those in District 6 can go to the Greenport Firehouse, which is found on 3rd Street.
  • Those in Districts 4, 5, and 7 can go to the Greenport High School on Front Street.
  • Those in Districts 12, 13, 15, and 16 can go to the Mattituck High School on Main Road.
  • Those in District 2 can go to the Poquatuck Hall on Village Lane.
  • Those in District 8 can go to the Southold firehouse on the Main Road.
  • Those in District 9, 14, and 19 can go to the Southold High School on Oaklawn Avenue.
  • Those in district 10 can go to the Southold Town Recreation Centre on Peconic Lane.

Unfortunately, lack of knowledge of where polling stations are is causing a lot of people to not cast their fault, when it is their democratic right to do so. By not voting, people find themselves in a situation where they effectively have no say in the issues that affects them and their town. Voting is incredibly important and people have fought long and hard for the right to cast votes and it would be a shame to miss out on this right simply because people don’t know where to go. The media would like us to believe that people have become apathetic to the political system around them and that they choose not to vote out of a sense of laziness. In reality, the reasons are often far more practical, including lack of knowledge of where to go and lack of ability to get to polling stations. Thankfully, there are also many community members who have come forward stating that they will happily bring those with mobility issues to polling stations so they can also cast their votes.

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