Tips to Reduce the Cost of Car Insurance

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LEXINGTON – If you drive a vehicle, you will know that legally you need to have insurance coverage in place. There are different levels of coverage that you can get but in order to protect yourself and others, you need to ensure you have at least the basic. Many people are worried about the cost of insurance and some end up paying way over the odds. However, there are some good deals out there for those that know how to find them.

In order to find cheap car insurance in KY you need to make sure you do some research and follow some simple steps. One thing you should never do is under-insure yourself. For instance, if you have a high value, new vehicle, don’t go for the most basic coverage just because of the lower premiums because it could end up costing you dearly in the long run. There are various factors you need to consider when choosing your coverage but you can find ways to cut the cost.

Simple ways to reduce the cost of coverage

One of the key ways in which you can cut the cost of your insurance coverage is to shop around. This may seem obvious but a huge number of people fail to do this and simply let their existing insurer automatically renew the policy without thinking about it. The last thing you want is for your insurance premiums to end up so high that they impact heavily on your household finances, so it is vital to shop around. Before your current policy comes to an end take some time to go online and see what others are offering. You will find that very often insurance companies offer special deals to new customers but then hike the prices after they have been with them for a year. With this in mind, it is worth checking and comparing prices every year so that you can switch and get the best deal going at the time.

Another way to cut the cost of insurance is to choose the right vehicle. If you are still in the process of buying a vehicle but are worried about insurance costs, bear in mind that the type, engine size, and model of the vehicle can affect insurance costs. You will pay far more for a high-risk sports car than for a standard vehicle. So, if you want to enjoy cheaper prices, make sure you choose your vehicle with care.

Finally, make sure your car is alarmed and kept somewhere safe overnight such as a driveway or garage. This is something that insurance companies will take into consideration when giving you a quote. The less risk you and your vehicle are, the lower your premiums will be, so keep your car secure. You can even add a tracker or dash-cam to help further lower the cost of your coverage.

Finally, you can increase the excess you pay in the event of a claim, as this will lower your premiums.

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