Greenstone Gold and Long Lake #58 Sign Long-Term Relationship Agreement

Greenstone Gold

Greenstone GoldGREENSTONE – Greenstone Gold Mines is proud to announce that negotiations have led to the signing of a Long-Term Relationship Agreement (LRTA) with Long Lake #58 First Nation. The formal agreement that was ratified by a community vote supports a new partnership as the project advances. The agreement formalizes the way that Long Lake #58 First Nation and Greenstone Gold Mines will work together in a spirit of mutual enterprise on important areas such as contracting, employment, environment, and monitoring. 

A signing ceremony celebration was held on June 19, 2018, providing an opportunity for Greenstone Gold Mines to thank, honor and congratulate community members as both parties start a new journey building a foundation for a working relationship that supports both towards their respective goals. A community feast followed the ceremony and was enjoyed by all. 

Greenstone Gold
Greenstone Gold has signed an agreement with First Nations