Canada Day 2018 – What is Open?

CEDC Open for Business

THUNDER BAY – Its July 1st – Canada Day. In Thunder Bay despite the holiday, many businesses are open.

Groceries? Today, Metro, Walmart, the Superstore, and Safeway are open for business. Intercity Shopping Centre and the LCBO

Intercity Shopping Centre is also open.

Monday, July 2nd, those stores will be closed.

Home Depot and Lowes are open so you can get working on those outdoor, or indoor projects.

All government offices, municipal, provincial, and federal are closed today of course, but also will be closed on Monday.

Restaurant wise, for dining out, best to call ahead for many of the more formal dining restaurants. Fast food places are usually open.

Thunder Bay Transit is operating today as well as on Monday on their holiday schedule.

On Monday, most stores will be closed.