How to Balance Work and Life to Live Better Every Day

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THUNDER BAY – Life is about balance. It is about balancing time, balancing your finances, and balancing your efforts. If you put too much effort into one thing, others will suffer, and so on. Only by acknowledging that not everything can be done in one day, and working on achieving this balance can you do more every single day. Never underestimate how important enjoying all aspects of your life is, from work to family, friends, and even your own personal interests. To achieve this balance, start by following this guide:

Know What Constitutes a Healthy Diet

Although we can survive on the bare minimum, without a healthy diet of both macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and the essential micronutrients like Vitamin A or Iron, we cannot thrive. To achieve this healthy diet, however, you must first know what goes into a healthy diet. This goes so much further than remembering the food pyramid you were taught in elementary school. Know what your body needs, and know which nutrients will help it be healthier.From there, you can add in more of the specific foods that will help.

Get Out and See More of Canada

What is Canada if not glorious and incredible wildlife? Ontario alone has a quarter of a million lakes that make up a fifth of the world’s fresh water. This means more water fun and more hiking opportunities for everyone. Whether you live in Southern Ontario or anywhere further north, there are hikes to be had and outdoor adventures galore. By getting out and seeing more of what makes Canada so great, you can get more exercise into your daily life. Just thirty minutes a day is enough to stay healthy, so get out there and go for a hike, or a jog, and breathe in that fresh air as you get your heart pumping.

Better Your Productivity at Work

By working better, you can put in less effort. Healthy eating and exercise combined help your body run efficiently, while exercise also benefits you by pumping oxygen through your body, making you feel more alert.Combine this healthy living with better working habits. To start, separate your day into tasks. Work on these tasks in 90-minute intervals, then take a break between, before returning to work on another task. By breaking up tasks like this, you can work better throughout the day, rather than burning yourself out trying to get one thing done at once.

Have More Fun After Work

Finally, you have to have more fun after work. Shopping and buying things gives such a short rush, and therefore shouldn’t be the main way you treat yourself after a hard week. Instead, treat yourself with experiences. Go to to see what is on in your area, go dancing with your friends, try out a new restaurant – new experiences benefit our mental health and can help us feel fulfilled in our lives.

Balance can be achieved through health. When you are physically fit and mentally healthy, you can work better every day, giving you more time and more energy for the things you care about.

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