5 Tips to Buying Headphones for Your Kids

Choosing the right headphones for your youth is important. Image - Depositphotos.com
Choosing the right headphones for your youth is important. Image - Depositphotos.com
Choosing the right headphones for your youth is important. Image - Depositphotos.com
Choosing the right headphones for your youth is important. Image – Depositphotos.com

LOS ANGELES – TECH – With the advancement of technology comes many gadgets of different kinds. Kids entertainment nowadays consists mostly of playing video games, watching videos and listening to music from a single electronic device which often times needs headphones. Even if this is becoming the norm these days, there are ways that children can be protected from the potential harm that these activities may cause. You can start by finding the best kid-friendly headphones.

There is a variety of headphones out there to choose from, and you have to search for something that has the safety features that you are looking for and is a good fit for your kid. You can look up Ironhorsetrading for recommendations and reviews on the latest headphones available for kids. It may also give you suggestions as to which kids’ earphones to buy with the best features without breaking the bank. When it comes to kids’ safety, parents should always be a step ahead. If unsure of what kid-friendly and safety features to look for in a headphone for kids, here are five tips to guide you.

  1.  Choose a headset that has a volume limiting feature

Probably the most important feature to look for in a kid-friendly headphone, the volume limiting feature is a parent’s safety partner. With this safety feature, parents can set the volume according to proper volume limit for kids which is around 70 dB. This volume limit should be enough to protect them from long-term damage to their hearing. But of course, potential damage to hearing cannot be avoided by setting the volume limit alone. It should also go hand-in-hand with limiting the amount of time the kids use the headphones. It is advised to limit children’s use of headphones to not more than 2 hours per day. Parents should be firm to implement this usage limit to ensure long-term protection from hearing disability even with a great amount of inevitable resistance from the kids.

  1.  It should fit comfortably.

Using headphones are becoming a great part of kids’ daily routines these days as they are listening to music, watching videos and such activities requiring one. When choosing a headphone for your kid, find one which has the right fit. Better have your child try the headphones for size and feel as you will only lose money if your kid decides not to use what you will buy if it is only a source of discomfort.

  1.  Check the sound quality.

Although this is not a top priority when looking for a kid’s headphone, it is a big plus to find a reasonably-priced headphone with good sound quality. A young child at around seven years old may not be critical with the quality of sound, but kids around teens age would want something with higher sound quality.

  1.  Select one that is recommended for your child’s age.

Earphones for kids have age recommendations, but it would still be wiser if your child will try them on for size as some may have too large or too small earpieces which may be uncomfortable to wear for a kid.

  1.  Consider durability and warranty.

You would want these two features present in the earphones you will buy for your kid because as we know, kids can be rough and sometimes do not care much about their stuff. You may want to invest in something that is durable which can endure the daily handling of a kid. It is best if the product has a warranty because it will be a great benefit if the need arises. As parents, you would always want to give what is best for your children not only regarding material things but essential things for their future. So, something as mundane as earphones and its usage should be well thought of because your kids hearing ability in the future is the one at stake.


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