The Benefits of a Heat Recovery System

Going Solar makes sense
Going Solar makes sense

Larne Co Antrim – LIVING – Trying to regulate not just the temperature but also the air quality in your home can be a challenge. Either your house is sealed so tightly that the air doesn’t circulate very well, or there are gaps in the structure that allows the inside air to seep out or vice versa.

The result? Either your home smells stale because the indoor air is sitting without being replaced with fresh air. Or your house is either too cold or too warm, and you use a lot of energy to keep it at a reasonable temperature.

But there is a system that will help solve all these problems. A ventilation system, like heat recovery systems from BPC Ventilation, help circulate the air throughout the entire home, all while efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature.

Let’s take a look at how this system works and the benefits from it.

How it Works

A home heat recovery system works towards maintaining air quality and temperature while continuously replacing the indoor air with outside fresh air. As the incoming air flows into the device, the heat from the outgoing indoor air transfers over before being expelled outside.The result is clean, warm air distributed throughout the home.

This works by using two ducts. The intake duct has one end that goes outside to suck in the fresh air. The other ends are in areas like the bedroom and living room to disperse the fresh, warm air. The other one is the extraction duct which you would typically find in the bathroom and kitchen (the most humid areas of the home). It sucks out the moist, stale air, flows through the ducts to the other end which expels it outside.

The Benefits of the System

There are many benefits to installing a heat-recovery system. Either from an economic or health standpoint, they are all worth the purchase.

Energy Efficient

With the way, the system functions, the warmth from the outgoing air transfers over to the incoming fresh air, without transferring the moisture. Because of this, you do not need to heat up your house as much in the colder months.

When it is warmer outside, you can adjust how much the system functions. It also tends to run on a lower setting which results in less energy used.

Control Humidity

It is a common struggle to have as a homeowner – too high or too low humidity in the house. When too high, there is an excess amount of moisture in the air. You will know this if you notice condensation on the windows. Too much moisture can lead to mould growth which is harmful to our health.

A heat recovery system removes the humid air and circulates it with fresh air. This will help regulate the humidity levels in your house.

Control Air Quality

Just as the system removes the old, humid air, it brings in fresh air from outside. Spotting the difference in air quality is easy.Fresh air is clean smelling while stale air has a musty and irritating scent.

Having the circulation of fresh air in the house helps prevent any allergens, dust and odours from lingering for too long.

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