How Much Academic Plagiarism is Allowed?

Graduation from High School is a positive step forward
Image: deposit

Graduation from High School is a positive step forward
Graduation from High School is a positive step forward Image: deposit
LONDON – LIVING – How to write papers or essays avoiding plagiary? Is it possible to write a 100% original paper? Right now, we are going to find an answer! In very deed, every college or university student knows that he may be excluded if his paper or essay contains the elements of plagiarism. For that reason, students set a high value on this issue and try to use all methods to avoid plagiary in their tasks.

The easiest way, allowing students not to rack their brain over this issue is to ask the assistance of “write my essay – EssayStonecustom writing service” which collaborates with seasoned writers, able to meet any challenge. But this is the simplest method for students who lack time but have the cash to pay for this service. What to do, if you have a desire to do this assignment by yourself?

The Main Obstacles Students Face Doing Papers

In very deed, if you do a paper or an essay, you should use different resources in order to back up all your ideas. Otherwise stated, you base your investigation on the achievements of other scientists, who also studied this field. For instance, you simply can’t invent new facts, writing on the topic “Ways of Household Effect Prevention”. You will explore this topic thoroughly instead. You will study the viewpoints of other scholars and will make yourself familiar with the existing methods of prevention. After that, as soon as the groundwork is completed, you will embark on doing your work which will be based on these facts. For that reason, it won’t be 100 % original because this theme has already been investigated. You just need to write your own paper, cite all resources you’ve used and added your private stance regarding this theme.

This is the main obstacle because writing an essay on a popular theme, which has already been explored by a variety of scientists, it is really hard to write a 100 % original paper. Your teacher will check it via plagiarism detecting software in order to get convinced that you are the author of this paper. The similarity index shouldn’t be more than 10-15 %.

What to Do in Order to Avoid Plagiary?

In sober fact, if handled accurately, you won’t face difficulties with making your paper original. Even if you base it on the research of other scholars, you just need to cite your resources. If you use quotes, you should indicate their authors. In this scenario, it is not regarded as plagiary.

If you do a descriptive or a comparison essay, you also back it up on theories. In this scenario, you should paraphrase the sentences and add your own opinion regarding this particular theme. In very deed, this task is not as black as it is painted. You just need to study the theme, read a number of resources and after that, you’ll understand what you should write about. You’ll form your own projection of even the most popular theme. Furthermore, you’ll be conducting this paper from your own perspective and contribute to this area new knowledge. Following this simple recommendation, you’ll make your paper original and the plagiarism detecting software will show that the elements of plagiary are not found.

The main key to successful and original writing is not to copy the whole paragraphs or sentences, written by other people. In this scenario (even if you swap around the paragraphs), you won’t make your paper original. Any software will show that these ideas were just copied from the internet.

You need to develop your writing skills and finally understand how to express your thoughts in a written form. When you have practice (you do this on a rolling basis), you won’t copy somebody’s thoughts unintentionally.

There’s another thing we wish to add – don’t be afraid of being yourself. It is the subject of every area of life and writing is not an exception to the rules. It is possible to camp up even the most boring theme with your personal opinion, which is really yours!

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