Weather Software: What Kind of Products Are There and How Do They Work?

School Buses have to keep safety and weather conditions in mind

Germantown, MD – Severe weather has many effects a business needs to deal with, whether it is possible power outages or canceled outdoor events. Weather software that tracks past, current and future weather patterns is a great boon for assessing risk during a storm. Interactive weather maps are among the products that can help your business plan for harsh weather.

Customize Weather Maps for the Data You Want

With a weather monitoring system as comprehensive as Earth Network’s, there are many weather templates to choose from. Over 40 interactive weather maps show data regarding wind, lightning, temperature and much more. These map layers show you what you want so you can do your job, whether it is rerouting power to areas about to be hit with an electrical storm or grounding flights due to severe winds.

Outdoor Alerts with Superior Coverage

At airports, golf courses and campsites, an audio alert about an approaching storm is highly valuable. This lets personnel and customers seek shelter in a timely manner, and allows service teams to secure sensitive equipment. Sirens or voice systems that are omnidirectional get the most coverage on your property and can be easily controlled inside your office. The addition of an “all clear” signal gets you, even more, use out of this weather monitoring product.

High-Quality Video Capture

Whether you run a local weather station or need accurate footage for insurance purposes, HD weather monitoring systems can provide you with clear images to broadcast or keep for your records. Weather cameras designed to withstand temperatures between -40°F and 120°F are useful products to use alongside weather software.

There are many products related to weather software that can be useful for your business. From interactive weather maps to live video feeds, get accurate and up-to-date information regarding severe weather in your area. Visit the Earth Networks website to learn more about these and other weather monitoring products.

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