How to Choose the Right Cigar

Cigars come in different flavours
Cigars come in different flavours

By Abel Anderson

LONDON – LIVING – When enjoyed in moderation, cigars can be a great way to relax and explore new flavors. When you think of cigar smoking you might think of gentleman in old black and white movies or the Caribbean. It’s actually easier than ever to find the right cigar today and bring a bit of that excitement to your own life! If you’re not a cigar expert, you might feel a bit intimidated about buying the right cigar. With so many brands, flavors, and retailers, it’s hard to know where to even begin. This guide below will prepare you to choose the right cigar every time so you have nothing to worry about!

Understanding cigars by learning the basics

A Cigar and Brandy
A Cigar and Brandy

You don’t have to be super educated in cigars to choose the right one for you. That being said, it’s worth learning some of the terminology to understand what makes each cigar unique. The main way cigars are differentiated is by the body. If someone is describing the body of a cigar, they’re talking about how intense the smoke is. This can range from mild to full-bodied. Another thing to be aware of is the size. The size of the cigar does affect the flavor and body to some extent, it mostly affects just how long you’ll be able to smoke the cigar. A longer cigar can last a long time, while short, thin cigars might last as long as a cigarette. Knowing the body and size of a cigar is all you need to get started!

Choose a fine retailer

The first step to buying the right cigar is choosing the right retailer. A lot of cigarette and alcohol shops will sell a range of cigars, but these don’t usually offer a very wide quality. If possible, find a fine tobacconist that specializes in high-quality cigars. These types of retailers have expert guides to help you navigate this process. If you buy cigars at any average smoke shop or your local liquor store which happens to have a small cigar room, you might be sacrificing quality. Cigars need to be kept in the right conditions to maintain optimal freshness. A high-quality tobacconist will take this preservation seriously, ensuring you get the best quality every time no matter what cigar you choose.

Cigars come in different flavours
Cigars come in different flavours

Experiment with different flavors

If it’s your first time purchasing cigars, don’t just choose one and call it a day. Select several flavors and styles at once so you have a variety to try on your own. You might not know what you like until you try it! Gotham’s acid cigars of all kinds offer the right amount of variety without sacrificing quality. Take note of the flavors you’re drawn to the most so you can keep them in mind for your next purchase.

When in doubt, start mild

Even if you have experience smoking cigarettes, you still might want to start on the mild side when it comes to cigars. Full-bodied cigars can be overwhelming and might turn you off to cigars in general. Mild cigars are easy to smoke even as a beginner, and they’re a great introduction to different flavors. From there, you can try medium-bodied cigars and work your way up, if you decide to continue trying. You might discover you prefer mild cigars and stick with this preference!

Find the right cigar for you

Cigar smoking is making a comeback recently. This leisure activity is an enjoyable way to relax after a hard day. You don’t have to be intimidated about choosing the right cigar. This guide explored the best tips for selecting a cigar that works for you without over complicating the process. There’s a big world of cigars out there to explore, don’t be afraid to try new things!

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