Moving Tips: How to Pack Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

Pack your pots like a pro

GLENDALE – LIVING – Your Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. All of us need to eat, and it is a favorite place for the whole family just to hang out. That’s why it is the first room in your new house to set up. The best way to do this is to be efficient and organized while packing everything at your old place. So, a proper packing is the key to effective unpacking.

Today together with we’re going to teach you how to pack small kitchen appliances and cookware in several different ways, saving the most space and the most moving materials you have.

Pack your pots like a proPack Your Pots like a Pro

We want to demonstrate you that a correct and effective packing doesn’t always require a lot of time, money, and expensive materials. We’re going to present a few methods of packing to choose from.

Method 1

For this method, you’re going to need a web of packing paper and one box only. We’ll pack pots and frying pans together.

  • Place a frying pan in the middle of the packing paper, covering it from each side;
  • Place another frying pan on top and cover it with another sheet of paper the same way as the previous one. Use extra layers of paper if needed. You can pack together up to 3-4 pans and pots, placing them in the same box in the end.

Method 2

Moving BoxesFor this method, you’re going to need a web of packing paper, smaller and bigger boxes, and a packing tape. This time, we’re going to pack smaller items, which will be placed in different boxes.

  • Fill the bottom of your box with crushed paper before placing breakable items there;
  • Wrap each plate in paper separately, using several sheets at once. Wrap diagonally, tucking and overlapping the edges;
  • Place each item in its corner in the box to make it less breakable;
  • Plates of the same size can be wrapped together if there is a sheet of paper between them;
  • The heaviest items should be at the bottom of the box;
  • Seal the box with a packing tape and label it as fragile.

Method 3

And now let’s learn how to pack your kitchen appliances like toaster, juicer, or blender. You’ll need medium size boxes. Never take large boxes, placing different appliances together. Each item should have its own box. Also, take a web of packing paper and a couple of towels.

  • Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry. Wrap each appliance in a packing paper, covering it from each side;
  • Then, wrap it in another sheet of paper one more time;
  • Secure everything with a tape;
  • Place appliances in a box filled with crushed paper. Cover with more crushed paper and a towel on top. That’s all, seal the box with a packing tape.

Hopefully, these small tips will help to deliver your appliances and cookware without the smallest scratch.


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