The top 4 reasons to become a registered nurse in 2018

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NEW YORK – HEALTH – A registered nurse falls among some of the most promising careers in the health sector. If you have a passion for impacting other people’s lives or saving lives, then you should consider joining the nursing field. With the changes in terms of technological advancements, there is a big difference in the way the medical industry was a few years back as compared to now.

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Numerous technological advancements have come up with the introduction of advanced medical facilities. This eases the workload for most professionals in the healthcare industry allowing them to focus more on the treatment and recovery of their patients. Being a registered nurse comes with great benefits. Here’s why you need to consider becoming one in 2018.

Excellent pay

The annual average salary of a registered nurse, according to the RN salary information is $67,930, with the average range for most registered nurses falling between $52,540 as the lowest salary and $94,120 as the highest salary for more experienced and specialized nurses. Most people are embracing the use of elderly homes, which are increasing at a high rate, providing nurses a promising future with more career opportunities.

Apart from the wonderful pay, the nursing field offers additional ways that one can increase their income. Extra shifts, on-call duty, relocation, educating and training in institutions as well as specializing in a specific area like psychiatric nurse practitioner gives you an opportunity to earn more.


Nurses have flexible working hours and with different shifts, they can work at any time of the day or night. Raging between 4 hours to 12 hours, you can add on overtime where you are paid depending on the additional hours that you put in. Flexible shifts give you a chance to pursue further education since you can attend after work classes and add your skills and specialization which will give you a higher income.

Registered nurses can work in different medical facilities that provide care and treatment such as homes for the elderly, schools that have a medical facility for students, hospitals, clinics, and many other health facilities.

A large number of job opportunities

Numerous job opportunities are available for registered and experienced nurses, especially those with specializations. The advancement of medical technology has also increased the demand for nurses with experience with new equipment and technology, providing tech-savvy nurses with more career opportunities.

Traveling opportunities

A nursing career is a good choice for those that love traveling and would like to combine their work with traveling. Registered nurses, mostly those specialized in specific areas can be hired to work in areas with a high demand for nurses but where there are shortages. They are free to choose where they will work and pick on the number of working hours. This enables nurses to choose a location that they love and use their extra time to explore the locality in which they work and live.

Working as a nurse offers you a chance to take care and treat ailing patients, the elderly as well as save lives. Apart from earning a stable income, you can meet and interact with other experienced medical practitioners in the medical field and patients and learn, increasing your knowledge, skills, and experience.

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