Steps to Creating a Comic Strip With Your Kids

All kids are artistic and drawing comic strips with them is one of the ways of bringing out their artistic potential. This is how to do it.
All kids are artistic and drawing comic strips with them is one of the ways of bringing out their artistic potential. This is how to do it.

Here is how to create a comic strip with your kids

At term paper writing service, we believe all kids are born artistic in different ways. The only difference is how we nurture and expose that artistic potential. One of the ways you can help to develop their imagination and love writing is exposing them comic strips. With comic strips, you can help kids to develop their creativity in capturing both words and pictures. To learn more about this, remain with this post till the end.

Writing the Story

Before writing your comic strip, you ought to figure out the entire story you intend to relay in the comic strip. After determining what you want to say in the story, you will be in a better position to start the hilarious journey with your child.

Finding an Inspiration

Next, you have to align your theme with your child’s interests since you will go through the writing journey together. Ensure that the storyline will interest the young one and inspire them by settling for something the boy or girl is passionate about. If your child loves wild animals, then use their favorite animal/s to inspire them. This means that your characters will be animals, and not birds or fish.

Sketching Your Characters

Since you have already determined what you want to do, you should now start sketching the strip. It is now time for all or both of you to start sketching your characters using words and images to reflect how they will appear and what they will say. You should allow the young chaps to note down any note they want to about the characters in the strip. 

Create Borders

Next, you should create borders for your template to allow your comics to have a uniform size and shape. Additionally, the bordering of your sketch will ensure that the child does not draw outside the borders.

Do the Lettering

After setting the boundaries, you will need to allow your kids to do the lettering of the strip. Unknowingly, this practice will allow your kids to take interest in and pay attention to their handwriting because they will need to exercise caution when writing within the boundaries you had set for the strip.

Pencil It

After the lettering, you now need to start penciling the comic strip. You will allow the kids to draw their chosen characters using a pencil below the words they have written.

Ink It

Lastly, you will need to ink the entire comic strip to make it livelier and attractive.

Publishing the Strip

After the inking, you will need to publish the artwork. You should digitize the comic strip by scanning it to allow for easier uploading to an online site and sharing. You can post it on the social media platforms like Facebook to allow the kid to parade his or her artistic genius.

With these steps, you can now help in developing your child’s artistic potential during this long and festive yearend holiday.

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