An Adventure in Costa Rica: 5 Fun Things to Do While on Vacation

An Adventure in Costa Rica: 5 Fun Things to Do While on Vacation
An Adventure in Costa Rica: 5 Fun Things to Do While on Vacation
An Adventure in Costa Rica: 5 Fun Things to Do While on Vacation
An Adventure in Costa Rica: 5 Fun Things to Do While on Vacation

LONDON – TRAVEL – Costa Rica is a beautiful, exotic vacation destination that draws millions of tourists every year. There’s plenty to do for everyone — from avid backpackers to lavish tourists. Those who fall into the latter category can even book Costa Rica mansions for their vacation, and live like royalty. The entire country is filled to the brim with exotic animals and fun things to do. Here are 5 incredibly fun things that travelers can do.

Swim with Exotic Fishes when Snorkeling

Tourists who have ever wanted to surround themselves with marine life will find that there’s no better place for them to go snorkeling. The warm climate and clear, blue waters of Costa Rica make it one of the best places in the world to go snorkeling. There’s plenty of coastlines available.

Watch bull sharks, nurse sharks and giant manta rays in action at El Bajo del Diablo, or Devil’s rock. This premium snorkeling location is located at Cano Island and offers incredible, breathtaking underwater landscape. Beginners can begin their adventures at just 20 feet underwater, while experienced divers can go as deep as 80 feet to further explore the underwater world.

While El Bajo del Diablo is an extremely popular diving and snorkeling location, there’s also Cueva del Tiburon, Paraiso, Catalina Islands and The Coral Gardens. Join a snorkeling tour group to get a guided tour of the hottest spots.

Find Inner Zen by Visiting One of the Many Waterfalls

The landscape and scenery in Costa Rica are absolutely stunning. Lush forests surround much of the metropolitan. Many tourists are particularly interested in visiting one of the many waterfalls that the destination has to offer. There’s just something incredible about watching water rush from the canopies and into the base of cliffs.

One of the most frequently visited waterfalls is the La Fortuna Waterfall. Fed by the Tenorio River, the waterfall spills from the cliffs of the Chato volcano, and into a pond that is 70 meters below. The pond is surrounded by lush, rich rainforests that add to the visual scenery. It’s definitely a beautiful and romantic attraction.

Other popular locations include the Rio Celeste Waterfall, which is in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, La Paz Waterfall, which is in Cloud Forest, and the Nauyaca Waterfalls, which is in the South Pacific region of Costa Ballena. When visiting waterfalls, dress for the occasion. Wear waterproof coats and footwear for a more enjoyable experience.

Relax on the Beach with a Massage

One of the main reasons why tourists choose to go to Costa Rica is because it’s basically sunny year round. It’s a great place to catch up on a tan or just absorb some vitamin D. Travellers who aren’t interested in doing anything too intense will have a great time just relaxing on the beach. With warm sand under the toes and a cocktail nearby, all worries and stress easily and quickly melt away.

Playa Conchal is one of the prettiest beaches in Costa Rica. It’s also where a lot of the all-inclusive resorts are located as well. Travellers just looking to relax can book a massage on the beach, and spend the entire day playing with sand, wading in water or just listening to the sound of the waves.

Try Out Local Restaurants and Cuisines

Foodies will greatly enjoy the various local cuisines and dishes. Many food stalls offer simple dishes made up of rice and some sort of meat for just several dollars; however, there are some dishes and items that travelers should keep an eye out for. They include:

  • Copo, which is a special shaved ice treat that is topped with kola syrup, condensed milk, and powdered milk. Some are even topped with fruits and other delicious treats.
  • Cacao fresco, which is basically the cacao fruit. When the pods ripen, the tender, white flesh inside can be eaten. This fruit is amazingly sweet and has a tangy tone to it.
  • Rondon, which is made up of scraps that the chefs find. Foodies may find anything from fish head to an assortment of different types of meat in this dish. It’s usually simmered in coconut milk over an open wood flame and contains an array of vegetables as well.
  • Ceviche tico, which is usually small cubes of sea bass, red pepper, diced red onion and cilantro mixed with citrus juices. This dish is usually served with chips or plantain.
  • Gallo pinto, which is rice and beans. Both rice and beans are a staple in Costa Rica, and this dish is basically a representation of the place.

Pair up with a buddy and try out local restaurants and cuisines to get a true taste of the country. Don’t forget to read up on some reviews online to reserve a spot at some of the more upscale restaurants.

Get a Guided Tour through a National Park

Travellers who love wildlife and outdoor activities should take a guided tour through one of the many national parks that Costa Rica has to offer. The Rincon de la Vieja National Park is particularly popular because there’s an array of activities to participate in. Guided tours include activities like river tubing, horseback riding, and zip lining. Many of these tours even include lunch and snacks.

Experienced tour guides will take the time to point out various plants, flowers, and wildlife. Many will even bring their own telescopes, so their group can get a better view of the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica has some of the densest and most beautiful rainforests in the world. A trip to any of these national parks will show just how important it is to maintain conservative efforts.


Costa Rica is a fun travel destination. There’s something for everyone. Curious and outgoing adventurists can participate in numerous outdoor activities, and those who wish to relax can do so at mansions and resorts. Many travel agents and companies offer planned trips. They customize the trip by scheduling activities that each person would be interested in.

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