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LONDON – Workers Compensation cases are looked after and dealt with by a personal injury lawyer mostly, but there are quite significant differences between a Personal Injury Case and its Claims and Workers Compensation Claim and its Claims. Workers Compensation Claims are not that high as is a Personal injury claim. This, however, should not give rise to such ideas to your mind that you should then opt for personal injury claims rather than choosing to go for worker’s compensation claims.

Workers Compensation cases involve no fault or wrongdoing of anyone whatsoever, so there is no need to prove so in such cases. On the other hand, a personal injury case always has the element of being wronged by others or simply said; the fault is involved in one way or the other in such cases. In Personal Injury case type, one needs to prove the fault or wrongful involvement of the defendant party always.

Any top class and experienced personal injury lawyer can act as Workers Compensation attorneys or lawyers, like for example Separovic Workers Comp Lawyers, to help you get your workers compensation claims properly availed. They are similar with the only exception, that in one type the fault is involved and in the other one, no fault is involved. For example, a worker becoming sick or get diagnosed with a disease caused due to exposure to the atmosphere inside the work place cannot be said to be the fault of anyone but an injury to health happened surely.  Illnesses caused by exposure to a workplace environment, like black lung, are considered work-related and are included in worker’s compensation.

Workers Compensation becomes necessary to avail when a workers or wage earner or an employee gets injured not due to anyone’s fault or because of her or his own negligence, at the workplace during duty. She or he is entitled to certain monetary as well as non-economic benefits for the injury suffered at the workplace, even though nobody was responsible for the accident in any way. If she or he is denied wrongfully the claims she/he is entitled to, then the victim can knock the door of a reliable and experienced workers compensation attorney for getting what she/he deserves.

Workers’ compensation can best be defined as insurance paid by companies to provide benefits to employees who get ill or injured on the job. Through this program, workers or employees are provided with economic benefits and medical care, and employers stay assured that they will not be sued by the employee (in most cases).

It has been witnessed commonly that several employers and insurance companies will ignore the facts surrounding an injury and dispute workers compensation benefits for no good reason. Your co-workers too can lie to protect their own interest, so you should not involve co-workers in your worker’s compensation claim. Your lawyer will also provide other valuable legal advice like will restrict you from removing work restrictions. Your shrewd employer will not stand a chance against valuable legal guidance provided by your appointed lawyer. Trust and listen to your lawyer.

Workers Compensation lawyers (in most cases taken by personal injury lawyers only) are acquainted with the Works Compensation law applicable to a particular case, in a specific state or country. They know it well how it differs from one state/country to another, so they have better chances to understand it better and use it for the advantage of their own client.  This law differs from place to place regarding

  • Who are covered employees
  • Injuries covered and Proof types
  • Injury exceptions
  • Statutes of limitations (the length of time an employee has to file a claim within)

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