Five Pumpers and 21 Firefighters Respond to Resolute Fire

fire Rescue Unit
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Unit

THUNDER BAY – On November 20, 2017 , at approximately 3:30 pm, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Service responded to the Resolute Saw Mill for a fire involving the heating system for the lumber drying kilns.

A total response of five pumpers and an aerial ladder, carrying twenty-one firefighters responded.

A power failure to the mill caused the circulating pump for the hot oil from the boiler to stop functioning. The circulating system was over pressured and the oil caught fire. The sprinkler system activated and extinguished the flames but the system remained pressurized and overheated.

After conferring with onsite staff, a plan was formulated to not interfere with the heating system and to let it cool naturally. Fire crews remained on scene until the oil had cooled to a safe temperature and the mill staff was confident the danger of fire or explosion had passed.

Staff will continue to monitor the system overnight and make assessments as to damage and repair costs in the morning.