Poverty Reduction Strategy Endorses $15 Minimum Wage


THUNDER BAY – The Lakehead Social Planning Council states that “Everyone wins when workers receive fair wages”.

Thunder Bay Poverty Reduction Strategy has endorsed the $15 and Fairness Campaign. The Campaign includes an increase in the minimum wage in Ontario to $15 an hour, as well as ensuring workplace fairness – decent hours, paid sick days, respect at work, and rules that really protect all of us.

Bill 148 would…

  1. Strengthen the local economy
  • Minimum wage earners tend to spend most of their earnings in local communities.
  • $15 minimum wage will put more than $5 billion additional dollars in workers’ pockets.
  • Increased spending multiplies the $5 billion impact throughout the economy.
  1. Create jobs
  • Increasing the minimum wage creates demand for additional goods and services, which in turn creates jobs.
  • Tax cuts won’t convince businesses to produce more if there is no demand for what they are already producing.
  1. Reduce income inequality
  • Raising the minimum wage will benefit nearly 1.5 million people, almost 60% of whom are at least 25 years old.
  • Over 58% of minimum wage earners are women and, according to the Wellesley Institute, 35% are racialized.
  • The share of racialized employees earning minimum wage is 47% higher than for the total population.
  • Workers under 25 also deserve higher wages. Many young workers are supporting themselves and or dependants.
  • With decent wages, young people can leave abusive situations to live independently when necessary. Young workers are often students whose earnings pay tuition fees, housing, and living expenses.