Is it the end of Peter and Paul Okoye duo?

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LONDON – MUSIC – P-Square was a famous music band popular in Nigeria and many other countries. For many years, twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye (hence the name P-Square) seemed inseparable. The duo have been able to stay on top of the charts for as long as they started a band together. However, there have been some rumors going on that both brothers decided to go their separate ways and sing solo. Are they true? Let’s find out.

P-Square has dominated the hip-hop scene for what seemed like ages. They had fans all over Nigeria and even across its borders. For this reason, some of the Nigerian musicians might actually be very happy to hear about the split. Many people are convinced that the brothers are not as strong separately as they are together, so when they break up, they will no longer be any competition.

Many think that the statement about the breakup came from Peter Okoye. First, the social media blew up from his official statement corroborated by Festus Keyamo, Peter’s lawyer. Journalists got a hold of the statement, posted it on the internet, and it spread like wildfire.

Second, Peter posted a video on his Snapchat, announcing that he was to be regarded as Mr. P. from that moment onwards. He also planned a solo performance in Philadelphia.

However, before the news of Peter’s statement came out, Paul broke the news of the partnership dissolution to their fans via his Instagram. Peter’s statement only made it sound more official.

Many people have been left wondering why the band decided to break up. Here are a few possible reasons for that:

  • Prior to the news about the split, Peter has complained about Paul, as well as about the manager of P-Square, who happens to be Jude Okoye, their older brother.
  • According to Peter, Paul has been incredibly uncooperative, which ruined many of their plans for the P-Square tour of the United States.
  • To add to that, Peter also claimed that Paul had been slandering his children and wife. For what reason, we do not know.
  • However, the older brother was not innocent either. Allegedly, Jude Okoye threatened to kill Peter. On one of the occasions, he even threatened to shoot Peter’s wife, Lola.

Wonderful family, aren’t they?

In his statement, Peter said that P-Square was a major source of grief in his life. He mentioned that it stopped being fun for a while and that he was very tired of all this never-ending drama that was going on in their lives. Peter also stated that he had no regrets from leaving P-Square.

If you have been following P-Square for a while, you might know that this is not the first time they have fought and threatened to break up the band. Nevertheless, this time it somehow seems very final. There is little to no chance that we will ever see them performing together again. Still, we wish them good luck in their solo careers and hope that they might at least mend bridges as a family. Click here to read full news about Peter Okoye and the split of the legendary P-Square.

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