Child Wellbeing – A Personal Perspective from a Dad

Child Wellbeing - A Personal Perspective from a Dad
Child Wellbeing - A Personal Perspective from a Dad
Child Wellbeing - A Personal Perspective from a Dad
Child Wellbeing – A Personal Perspective from a Dad

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Impressionable, marvellous, beautiful, trusting, resilient, colourful, spirited…… just some things that describe Our Children.

I’m on a coffee break, en route to our SCA – Special Chiefs Assembly with a focus on Child Welfare.

Here are some things that I have to offer to help frame a context.

Our children are special — to a depth and degree, we often have limited understanding.

I can’t help but think about Young Parents and their Kids — making sure they have the tools to parent is so critical. Children learn from parents and guardians; the level of parental aptitude, culture and emotional intelligence is always a contingency of how successful and strong a child will develop.

I’ll speak from my own perspective;… as a young father in my early 20s,, I had no clue, concept or comprehension to give all that my kids deserved — so I was not nearly as in tune about parenting as I am today. By the way, I’m not claiming to be the greatest dad today — but that’s not my point. My point is this……

  • kids need love and acceptance to a direct degree in any given circumstance — they must never feel less than any challenge in their lives.
  • kids need to be provided psychological safety in all that is around them; they need to know that they are being considered in any situation that parents or guardians are responsible for.
  • kids need to be provided opportunities to test their capabilities and their gifts in learning situations — knowing that their parents or guardians are going to be there to help facilitate their growth.

These are just some things I learned over time and things that were reinforced with #BabyNiigaan today.

My little helper gave me much to think about today.

Isadore Day

Ontario Regional Chief

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