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Minimum Wage impact

Minimum Wage impactby Abel Anderson

NEW YORK – FINANCE – Several times, it happened that some natural circumstances increase your expenses abnormally and only financial support can help you to cope with this worse situation. Under these circumstances, you will surely search reliable and secure options. I suggest you go for small personal loans like instant payday loans. Payday lenders offer smart options to their customers to borrow money. It offers short-term unsecured loans that can be obtained online or from local businesses.

These loans are easy to get without any collateral or credit check. Finance fees for these loans are high, and lots of consumers are unaware of whole loaning process. Payday loans serve as a lifesaver for those who are experiencing financial problems. Payday business loan offers short-term loans to their customers ranging from $100 to $1500.

Instant payday loans are smarter options but here are some rules and regulations that should be followed by the borrower. Every state regulates payday loans under several regulations, terms, fees and other factors. For your information, I am going to state some terms and regulations regarding handy cash payday loans:


Terms of instant payday loans range from 5 days to 31 days for each loan taken out. The basic process of payday loan allows the borrower to take out the loan until the next payday that is usually 2weeks to one month. If the borrower is unable to pay the due loan back, he is liable to extend his loan until the next payday with some additional finance charges. Additional finances fee will be charged on the new loan to be paid on the new date. Some companies provide some extensions for the payment of late fees charges.

Terms Regarding Loan Amounts

Loan amount allowed by payday lenders are varied according to the company status and the state. Some companies determine loan amount by considering the percentage of monthly income of borrower that is usually 15%. Amounts can $100 to $1500 for most pay lenders. Some companies offer lowest loan amount on first borrowing, but some responsible borrowers can offer high limits loans even for the first time after verifying their financial strength.

Loan Fees

Fee for payday loans varies state to state. The typical fee for a payday loan is between $10 and $30 for every borrowing of $100. Some companies also add a flat-rate fee for the loan in addition to finance charges. After passing due date of the loan payment, some companies add late charges regardless of whether the loan can be extended or not. This fee will apply automatically due when the loan will due. There will be a consistent increment in the amount of loan until you pay it.


Although there are lots of benefits of handy cash payday loans, you have to be aware of rules and regulations of your state regarding payday loans. Some states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland are not regulated by the state. These countries do not require lenders to follow interest rate caps on loans. If you are familiarized with the laws of your state, it will safeguard you against frauds.


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