Parliament fall session begins with active first week

National Politics

By Bob Nault

Week of September 25, 2017

OTTAWA – Parliament has returned for the fall session and after a busy summer I am bringing forward the issues that affect people in the north to voice their concerns in the nation’s capital.

Some of the important topics for our riding include; negotiations on NAFTA, a fair softwood lumber trade agreement, healthcare, security, and safe and reliable transportation. All of these have been discussed at great length among my fellow Rural Caucus and Northern colleagues, and we are continuing to bring them to light here in parliament.

Another role I hold is Chair of the Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee. Recently, we concluded a study of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and visited Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Kazakhstan to verify our findings. A significant part of these trips is to discuss trade and development, creating more jobs and opportunity. The knowledge acquired from our study will be presented in a final report to parliament.

The committee also continues to study our relationship with the United States, which of course has a big impact on the industries, including forestry, here in our riding. We will be meeting in Washington with officials in the near future to discuss and work towards having a better understanding of issues relevant to both countries. These meetings with stakeholders and counterparts aim to ensure that we maintain a strong working relationship as trading partners.

In addition to the Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee, I chair the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas. We recognize that strengthening democracy, creating prosperity and realizing human potential are the hemisphere’s most pressing priorities. We will be working closely throughout the Americas to ensure these goals are met.

If you find yourself in Ottawa in the coming months I encourage you to reach out to my office and let us know you’re here. We’d be happy to make arrangements for you to stop by during your visit to the nation’s capital