Unsure what to talk to girls about?

Making the right choice, rather than settling for what's there can mean you are happier.
Making the right choice, rather than settling for what's there can mean you are happier.
Making the right choice, rather than settling for what's there can mean you are happier.
Making the right choice, rather than settling for what’s there can mean you are happier.

Here are some broad topics that are bound to get you past a conversation

Talking is a rather simple thing to do. We start learning how to do it from a very young age and it’s one of the only things we perfect every single day until we die. However, when they have to talk to girls, a lot of guys just have their brains shut off for unexplained reasons. That’s part due to the fact that they’re trying too hard to look for discussion topics that would impress or intrigue their conversation partner. If you find yourself in this type of situations often, take a look at these broad topics that you can explore and use. They are fail safe methods of getting through a whole dialogue without stuttering or appearing unknowing.
Talk about the music

Music is universal and it’s all about the energies that you are able to take in and put out at the same time while you’re listening to it. All people go through similar phases and emotions when they’re listening to music they deem good, and it might just happen that you and your conversation parent share a love for the same genres. Music is a great topic to discuss with anyone, and if you’re a music lover you’ll find it very easy to start letting the words flow off your tongue.

Food and drinks

Some like to eat very healthy and some go all out when they’re having a meal. There’s no denying the fact that everyone has their own favorite meals and drinks. Most people are also very eager to talk to anyone that would listen to them about their favorite foods and drinks, so there it is, another good conversation topic for when you don’t know what to talk about.

TV and film

There are so many ice breakers in this category that it’s impossible to not to have success with this broad topic. Ask them about their favorite TV show, or film, or actor, producer, director, you get the idea. Usually there are two types of people when it comes to film. Those that just watch stuff and those that get really intricate and interested about the whole process of making the film or show. If you happen to be on the same side of the barricade as the person you are talking to, you’re in for a pretty solid conversation starter since you can probably go on for hours about your favorite show or movie.


People don’t just like animals. If they don’t hate them or aren’t indifferent towards them, they usually love animals. You’d be surprised how many people actually love animals these days, so don’t hold out on asking the person you’re talking to whether or not she’s one of them. There are a lot of different things to talk about revolving around animals, from home pets to wild creatures and species, countries from where they come, and many other things. You can even talk about your own pets, if you have any, or they could start talking about their pets at your invitation.

If you’re in a jam and lack conversation topics, keep these in mind as there are virtually no chances of you not succeeding when talking about things that most people can relate to. The broader you keep things, the more chances you’ll have to actually connect with someone.

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