Forest Fire Situation Update: Northeast Fire Region – July 15, 2017

Forest Fire Report

Forest Fire Report

SUDBURY – One new fire was confirmed by the afternoon of July 15. Kirkland Lake 1 is under control at 0.1 of a hectare.

There are ten active fires in the region, nine of which are in the far north. Cochrane 8 at 200 hectares will now receive a modified response. Fire suppression will take place on the western section of the fire.

Cochrane 5 at 55.5 hectares, Cochrane 9 at 100 hectares, Cochrane 10 at 3220 hectares, Cochrane 11 at 60 hectares, Cochrane 12 at 50 hectares, Cochrane 13 at 6000, Cochrane 14 at 400 hectares and Cochrane 15 at 40 hectares are all being observed in the far north.

The Forest Fire hazard is low to high with areas of most concern in the northern portions of the region.