Fun night out ideas – Top things to do when your favorite spot becomes boring

The Apollo in Thunder Bay, a long-time music icon
The Apollo in Thunder Bay, a long-time music icon
The Apollo in Thunder Bay, a long-time music icon
The Apollo in Thunder Bay, a long-time music icon

LONDON – LIVING – Going out with your friends is essential to a healthy social life and often times, friend groups have a favorite spot where they love to hang out. You go there all the time and it really feels like a second home because you know everyone that works and goes there, you know what’s on the menu and you know your way around it. However it can become rather underwhelming to go to the same place over and over again. The good news is that you don’t have to abandon your favorite spot, as you can just take a break. If you want to regain interest in your favorite spot, you need to take a break and explore some new places and activities. This article will focus on the best alternatives for a brand new experience so if you’re curious about the kind of special establishments and brewery Carpinteria has to offer for example, but also other completely different activities, continue reading.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are a relatively new kind of fun experience that you can participate in. You can go as a couple or as a group, with the people that you want. The premise of this activity is that you get locked in a room and you need to find clues in order to get out. It has a detective/ Saw vibe to it and it feels like it’s been taken straight out of a movie. Working together to find clues can be exciting  and you can definitely strengthen relationships. If you don’t play well with others you might want to be careful however.


This is another fun activity and just like the previous one, you can either go with just one partner or an entire group. If you’re used to sitting down during your night out, this can be a really fun and engaging change of scenery. You can even get food and drinks at the bowling spot and the friendly competition is more than worth it. The thing about bowling is that you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy yourself. You can learn as you go but obviously if you already have some skills, you’re going to have a lot more fun beating your friends.

Stay in, Game night/Movie night

Before you completely shot this one down, hear us out. If you’re really looking for a change of scenery, consider staying in. That doesn’t mean watching Netflix by yourself under the blanket. Have your friends over and organize a game night. Bring out a lot of drinks and food and some fun games you can play. You can play games of your choosing. If you have a gaming console you can organize fun little tournaments for your favorite game but board games might be more of your thing.  If you’re just looking to have good time with friends, nothing beats some good fun and some entertainment alongside the people you like. If you’re not that much into games at all, maybe you can watch the ball game on TV or watch a movie. It really depends on what your group is all about.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to get a fresh experience out of your night out consider these alternatives. Give your favorite spot a chance to “refresh” and become exciting again. If you don’t know any good places for bowling or any escape rooms, you can look up spots on Google Maps. You can also Google top games and movies if you decide to stay in.



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