New child care agreement a win for families

Kenora MP Bob Nault at a Community Event in Sandy Lake
Kenora MP Bob Nault at a Community Event in Sandy Lake

KENORA – Children are our future, which is why I am so encouraged that the federal government is partnering with the provinces and territories to pave the way for every child to have access to quality early learning and child care. Last week the federal government and Ontario quickly reached an agreement, which will see $435 million allocated to the province for increasing the accessibility and affordability of child care.

This type of National-Provincial-Territorial agreement for an early learning and child care framework is the first multilateral arrangement of its kind. This shows the emphasis our government is putting on providing children with the learning and care they deserve, while also supplying the proper supports to allow parents to thrive.

Only one in four children in Canada currently have access to regulated child care. By investing $7.5 billion over the next 11 years into the framework, we will ensure the child care system has increased capacity, improved quality, and allows spaces to be more affordable for Canadian families.

Promoting development early in a child’s life, from prenatal to the age of six, can have long-term benefits that extend throughout children’s lives. This is one of the reasons I believe it’s so crucial we give Canadian children the best possible start in life. This agreement sets the foundation for governments to work towards a shared long-term vision where every child across Canada can experience the enriching environment of quality early learning.

Not only does this announcement improve the quality of our children’s lives, it will offer opportunities for parents as well. Combined with a more generous Canada Child Benefit (CCB), early learning and childcare will provide parents with the ability to fully participate in the labour force and lower the price of daycare.

We’re all fortunate to live in such a prosperous country, and as a father, I feel it’s our duty to ensure that children are afforded the chance to live a successful life by giving them the opportunities and care they need at an early age.

Hon. Bob Nault MP