How to Fit in a Small Apartment

Living Room

Living RoomFORT LAUDERDALE – When you have a smaller apartment, you need to sacrifice on many things. You cannot buy anything that you wish to, since there is no space to keep it. It often also comes to a point where you have no choice but to get rid of certain things to make some room in your apartment so that you can fit in new things.

The idea of living in a smaller apartment can become a nightmare if you don’t act strategically. There are ways to accumulate your stuff and still make your apartment look like more spacey.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at some such tips:

Hooks To The Rescue

If you happen to live in a rented apartment then it is obvious that you can’t drill holes into the walls without permission from the owners. Keeping that in mind, you can opt for hanging hooks which can be put up onto walls without the need of drilling any holes.

These hooks are quite resourceful as you can hang stuff like purses, hats, coats, keys etc. These hooks eliminate the need to have a closet which will occupy a large space.

You can put up hooks even in the kitchen where you can hang pots and other kitchen stuff. All in all, they help a great deal in saving a lot of space for your apartment.

Planning your living room

Utilize The Space Under Your Beds

Beds occupy a wide area of your room and it is the piece of furniture which you can’t sacrifice on. However, you can be smart and use your beds strategically.

These days beds come with secret under space where you can put items, however even if your bad has no such drawer, you can still put good underneath as they will be safe and away from eyes of the guests. However, since it may be difficult to pull things out, try to put items that you would not use in your day to day life.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Appliances

Put appliances in the cabinets, especially ones that you do not need. This will free up counter space allowing you to move freely without any trouble. In addition to this, invest in appliances that serve multiple purposes. For example, buy a juicer that works also as a blender instead of buying a blender and a juicer separately.

Cabinets With Hangers

There’s no doubt about the fact that smaller apartments have smaller kitchens. In case you happen to have a bigger family then it means that you’d be having more stuff in the kitchen than usual.

You can put up hangers over the cabinet doors to hang pans, spoons and other kitchen items and save a large amount of space in the cabinets to put in larger appliances in there, thus, allowing you to have more stuff in your kitchen.

Say No To TV and Yes To LED

No apartment is complete without an electronic component that serves for entertainment purpose such as TV. However, to accumulate a TV, you need to have a trolley in which you can fit in your TV which of course takes up lot of place.

You can instead opt for LEDs that can be easily hanged on the wall and won’t have to worry about buying a trolley and having a good amount of area being covered by it.

Shelves With Lots Of Compartments

Shelves allow you to use walls properly. This way you prevent clutter and also free up floor space. It is an investment that is worth making, however make sure to put them at the right height so that you can put things easily.

It is easy to fit in a small apartment if you plan properly. The key lies in proper planning and knowing what you need and what you do not need. Only a rightly used luxury condos Fort Lauderdale will give you a luxurious feel.

Living Room

Living Room


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